Restaurant Review: Everything Republik

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A few weeks ago, I was brought to the establishment that is Republik by a friend. While we only stopped in for an Ice’d coffee but we got so much more. The entrance is made up of smooth wooden furnishings, and chalk boards. As you walk in, you’re faced with a stripped bare building, exposed red brick evident on the back wall, cement columns fill the seating area and wiring hangs from the ceiling. Its open, its fresh and the Umhlanga Sea breeze flows through.

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When we went together that day, we were surrounded by those taking part in The Movember Campaign. I felt like I was in a Drop Kick Murphy’s music video. Tattoos, Hipster’s and the evident, Matric after party thigh shorts. I was at home.

Obviously once we’d sat down, all worry about our time limit went out the window.  My friend being Gluten intolerant scanned the menu in hopes of finding something she could eat. The act itself a completely unnecessary task as the waitress, all knowledgeable and powerful ( Yes you can nick name her Gandalf) filled my friends head with ideas of sweetened dreams.

While both of us are far from being anywhere near a diet, we choose the Banting Cheesecake it  sounded to good to pass up! We each ordered a piece. I don’t know about anyone else, but I was no longer “locked out of heaven”, sorry Bruno Mars, but you cant beat Republik standards. We rapidly consumed this wholesome and surprisingly filling decadence.


So what does one do when you find something so good? You return of course. So as I sit here writing this review, I sit with a chalk board to my right, displayed is an instruction manual, respectively titled: Craft Beers for Dummies. Behind me are stacked what look like wheat sacks as I work off a wooden pallet table.

There is something so relaxing about this place, the atmosphere is open and free. Above the bar, there are wooden pallets, which enhance the 8 open yellow globe lights that dangle from their wires. Obviously one of the perks of reviewing a place, is that you must ethically taste the produce, must you not?

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Donning to my nickname of Thor-A-Bat ( It has something to do with my love of Thor and Batman, don’t ask), I sit with a Craft Beer named Hammer of Thor. Its hand crafted on the Shongweni Shuffle, in Kwa Zulu Natal. One could describe it as a hard hitting Pale Ale, with a strong Hops Presence, hints of Citrus, and Marmalade. Or one could just read the label?

I must tell you that as I write this, I keep getting High Fived by the staff, including the Chef because I have ordered the Hammer of Thor Beer. Maybe its because I am a lady, maybe its because its 8.3 % who knows, but once you’ve lived in Dubai on the 8% beers, Thor’s Hammer isn’t all that bad 🙂 I do enjoy the Fist Pumps though. So moving on.

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I asked for a menu, expecting the routine items. Far from what actually happened. My waitress, named Kelly immediately explained the freedom that the customers have when it comes to ordering. One can order any kind of base, be it a white bread bun? No Bun? Or Mushroom? From there you choose your meat, ranging from health conscious and environmental friendly Ostrich and Venison, or the popular Lamb, or Beef options.

And that’s where freewill kicks in. The wall opposite me is lined with chalk boards. This is where you add your chosen toppings, fillings and extras. I have to tell you as I jotted down my order on the snazzy paper I’d been given, I’d ordered something that Ill never be able to finish but the option of choice was too tempting.

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YES. That is a Burger, topped with Med Rare 100% Beef Patty with no added or extra nonsense. Fresh Avocado. Perfectly Ripe Camembert Cheese, Basil Pesto and Pepper Dew Sauce…. because that’s how we do it at Republik! ( I finished it )

So what is the vibe like today? Well, I have been in Hospitality for years. Restaurants, Hotels etc, and I have never seen happier staff than I am around today. Everyone is going about their business, and smiling as they go. The staff seem to have a very family based relationship and everyone engages as they go. When I sat down, the Barman, and one of the Waiters were busy talking over a new beer concussion with great enthusiasm. There are waiters, with dreads, and waiters with piercings, I sat at the table with the Owner unbeknownst to her, while she did a little business. The other tables are filled with 20,30 and 50 something’s who was very invested in today’s newspaper and the likes. Just going to show the culture that is Republik. It can be your culture, my culture, heck, anyone’s culture!

I suggest this place for Travel Bloggers in the area, no better place to work. I suggest it for Free Lancers, again no better place to work. I suggest it for everyone, because there is no better place to be. I know that I will no longer be making the trip to Gateway, when I can happily enjoy my day, looking out at sea, and eating quality farm fresh food. A place where the customer is the business. It is so amazing to feel appreciated, most establishments no longer offer any form of individual attention to each customer, and this place is just that.

Oh what a day, this place is so far ahead of themselves. Their clientele all respect each other and everyone knows everyone. Since I sat down, the phone hasn’t stopped ringing, the establishment is fully booked for Dinner for the rest of the week, and the calls don’t stop coming. This is a pure example of how having a well built foundation within a company. structures the future if the business.

You can contact Republik on their website. Information below:

Fullscreen capture 20141203 084109 PM.bmp

I personally had such a lovely time in this new found spot. And I much intend to work from this spot in future.

If you liked my Review, or too have experienced that which is Republik please tell me your experiences in the comment box below.

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Till next time…..

And As Always….


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