Guesthouse Review: The Fever Tree – Hluhluwe Zululand – South Africa


Yet another fantastic stay at The Fever Tree. 

Isn’t it funny, how we always expect something to change or go wrong when we stay at one place several times? Yet, every time I arrive at The Fever Tree in Hluhluwe, I feel like I have arrived home.

By some miracle the tranquil atmosphere remains a signature of this beautiful property. It could be pinned down to the owners wondering around the garden with their bare feet buried deep in soil going about their business? Or possibly the beautiful courtyard filled with an array of indigenous plants, chameleons and sunlight that says ” Zululand is awake”?

Every aspect of The Fever Tree grabs my attention. Be it The Fever Trees planted at the entrance or the old Iron milk bottle, now home to hiking sticks.

The owners and hosts Tracey & Alec Collier have outdone themselves. Their hospitality second to none.
(Trips to the Game Reserve are always an option).


I haven’t seen a shop or store bought plastic packet at The Fever Tree in months, Tracey grows as much of her own fresh produce as she can. Her kitchen is an amazing place to be, given the rows of self bottled, guava’s, litchi’s, and peppers.

Unlike other Guesthouse’s, one can find privacy pretty much anywhere on property. One of my favorite things about The Fever Tree is that I do not have to hull myself up in my room for hours to find peace. There are so many quiet spots in the Garden to sit with a good book and a cup of tea.

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The view from the pool area leads onto rolling valleys during the day, and if you’re lucky spectacular Zululand lightning storms in the evenings. If you favor evening’s outside don’t forget to use some of the mosquito spray provided in your room and take your Solar Powered Consol Light with you.

Each room has its own unique character and is well fitted with all the necessities. You can find out more, on the Official FeverTree Website and enjoy Tracey’s Blog Page. 


If you are visiting South Africa and in need of local home made South African Food look no further. While sharing a unique dish, one can quiz power couple Tracey and Alec on just about any topic under the Saharan Sun.

Their combined greater knowledge of Southern Africa is not to be taken lightly. Listen as Alec re creates the scenes from he’s Kilimanjaro Climb, or to Tracey as she recalls “that one time with the elephant”. Laughs and good company are ensured.


I will continue to stay and recommend The Fever Tree to all those who travel to Hluhluwe. Watching it grow from the start has been a privilege.

There are many activities, and things to see and do in Zululand, and no one know’s their way around better than these two.

I can’t wait to come back 🙂

If you found this review helpful, or have stayed at The Fever Tree, please leave your questions, comments and photo’s below in the box. I love to interact and will answer any questions you may have. 

And As Always….



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