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Quite honestly I have to say that recently I have been feeling somewhat travel-depressed. Not due to a lack of inspiration but the complete opposite. As a passionate traveler, explorer and person who feels Travel is their freedom of self growth, being boxed in a cage is never going to end well.

The last time I returned home to South Africa, I had planned to only be back for a few months until my next adventure. To have only enough time to do some “at home” connecting and then feel the rush of take off on the runway. That plan did not happen. In fact, shortly after returning to home I went through a rather traumatic experience that put me in therapy for 5 months. Not exactly the best welcome home nor the most encouraging to stay.

I fought with anger, hate and horrid depression for months. After a while though I started to see the light again. I started to heal and to remember my dreams, my loves, my passion, my calling. I started to have this fire burning need to travel again. I was heavily set back financially after the experience and have yet still to get back on a plane.

Many of you who read my blog and who read other travel blogs know one thing. Travelling is who I am and who we are. We’re those weird members of the family, who are always here, there and everywhere. Sometimes, we’re backpacking through towns we didn’t know existed. Sometimes we’re catching up on sleep stretched out in airport waiting rooms.

Sometimes we come home married and sometimes, we don’t come home for a very long time. No matter what we are doing however, we’re always moving, functioning, learning, teaching, discovering. And when we aren’t our lives can get quite frustrating and dismal.


People who aren’t automatically travel crazy, often ask me, why I travel? What makes me want to travel? Aren’t I worried about setting up a home? The white picket fence, the husband, the kids, the dog?

Fullscreen capture 20150323 060517 PM.bmp

My simplest way of asking that question? No.

I am not worried in the slightest. See my “white picket fence” are the borders of the Globe.
My Family are those that I meet with and engage with be it, waiting in line at the shop in Dubai or while having dinner in the snowy Midlands of South Africa. Those people, those experiences, that’s my family.

Those who I meet, who are possibly feeling boxed within their own country/ world/ job, those people are my kids.

Those are the people I give hope to, I give inspiration and motivation. Those are the ones I share my travel knowledge with, both to protect them and encourage them.

And last but not least, the dog? Every time, I travel each method of transportation I discover or use, that’s my dog, that’s my friend I “walk” through the park of the globe every day with.

Sometimes our dreams, can seem a little over ambitious to others. I come from a family of seriously Academic individuals. And through their skills and certificates and granted hard work they have been able to travel the world. I on the other hand, have gotten where I have through a very different method. I often don’t know if I will make rent at the end of the month, and sometimes I find what ever work I can find end up actually costs me more to attend than I earn.

I have been looking for work in a country, where the unemployment rate is so high there are thousands without income. We don’t have any kind of working unemployment-system, to support us. We’re supposed too, but things don’t always work according to procedure or systems down here.

Sad to say, but evidently the truth. And yet, I find, with no actual back up plan, with no savings pocket left, and no white lining of any clouds currently, I just cant help but to keep going. My dreams and passions if anything have gotten bigger and far more adventurous.

BodyBoarders and Surfers Alike, hit the waves daily in Summer
BodyBoarders and Surfers Alike, hit the waves daily in Summer

One of those passions is writing. Always has been. And while I cant hop on a plane and go review a hotel in the Maldives right now, I have been running around my own city reviewing every little coffee shop I can find. Between writing and photography, you just cant silence the crave within my heart, the high I get from describing something to my readers. The absolute euphoric adrenaline and joy I experience, doing what I love to do. Watching my Blog grow for the honest, raw, work I have put in, from the words and experiences I have nothing beats it.

I know it’s not always easy to listen to your friends tell you about their plans, especially when they basically have none. Its not easy to watch your child choose random travel over a potentially amazing job. Yet, I urge you to understand that it is not easy for those of us, born with this fire. I can try and show you photographic images of the amazing sights, sounds and wonders I have experienced through travel. I can try and explain to you in written word the emotions I have felt and knowledge I have learnt through my explorations.

I can only do so much.

If I could make you feel the difference on your skin between the Sun in one country and the Sun in another I would. There is a difference but you’d think I am crazy for saying so. If I told you that every place, has this unique smell to it, you’d think I was probably high, but it does. There is only so much I can express to you, without you actually being “there”, where ever there may be. And that is why I am so invested in encouraging those of you who do not travel, to pack a bag and go.

Yes there are things, which hold us back somewhat and not always things we have any control over, but don’t let that be an excuse. Determine what you can change NOW, TODAY and work towards what will need change in the long term, for YOUR TOMORROW.

I have never met a person who has regretted travel, only those who regretted letting fear and negativity hold them back for so long and those who wish they had.

I know what I am supposed to do with my life. And I know this is it. So when I can share my experiences, my stories, my reviews I do. And I invest my heart into my writings. What are you currently investing in?

If you do nothing else in this lifetime make sure there is ONE thing that is yours. One thing that you do that you are 100% proud of, 100% passionate about, something no one could talk you out of, something you just have to have to be able to breathe for.


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If you have experienced or are experiencing the world and its offerings, please comment in the box below, as to where you are currently in the world.

And As Always…….



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