Brandy Review: Klipdrift

Photo Credit: Google Images
Photo Credit: Google Images

Somehow, between last weekend and this weekend I became an Adult. No seriously, I drank Brandy on it’s own. As an evening sipper. I mean the last time I drank Brandy I was a teenager and we were mixing it with anything and everything we could. What did you order at clubs? Brandy and Coke. What did you drink at home before the party? Brandy and Coke.What about the home gatherings, the braai’s the long weekends that weren’t actually long weekends? Brandy and Coke! This was staple drink in 80% of our teenage years.

Well, this weekend, I learnt exactly why Klipdrift should no longer be known as Klippies. Seriously. I have never paid much attention to the “rest” of the Klipdrift range, or really even thought of the brand as having a range. It’s kinda always been a pop up question once already in the bottle store. “Hey…which Brandy do you want?” and then someone yells ” Ah I dunno what ever”. You grab one, get to the teller with it and your 2 litre coke and that’s where any thought of your purchase ends.

Never again. Look at this gift the team at Klipdrift dropped off for me. Klipdrift Premium, Klipdrift Gold and Klipdrift Black Gold. I have discovered a little piece of heaven and it lives inside the Klipdrift Black Gold Brandy Bottle.It smells like those special sweets you get at Christmas time. The chocolates with liquor inside.

To be honest I wasn’t initially sure I would enjoy such a potent smelling drink, but once I tasted it I realized why I will continue to enjoy it for the rest of my days. The aroma is deep, rich, and comforting, it really is like a reminder of all those fuzzy Christmas feelings you get, but the taste?

The taste takes me back to the Midlands, to the cabin in the woods, with the wood fires roaring and hot chocolate in my hand. Expect, this hot chocolate is Black Gold spiked. The description on the Klipdrift Website speaks much the same language as I, although one can surpass it all, and just find your own piece of heaven in a glass of Black Gold. 🙂


Next, I tried the Premium, most of us are well acquainted with the Klipdrift Premium Brandy. If I do say so myself from what I have seen it has over taken the original Klipdrift brandy to become the new go-to choice. As soon as I tasted the Premium I thought one thing “Smooth”. It’s smooth, its comfortable, its easy going.

It’s like your best friend. Where ever and when ever you call on him or her, they’ll arrive, perfectly dressed for whatever the occasion and with the charm and elegance you know them too have. Every. Single. Time. That is Klipdrift Premium. Much like its distillation process, from vintage copper stills to french oak barrels? You almost can’t expect anything less after that start to life.


And finally, last but far from least I tried the Klipdrift Gold brandy. The beauty has been blended with brandies who age anywhere between now and 21 years of age. You have to expect something different with this brandy. The Brandy is described as having, Summer fruits, Sweet spices, Hazelnuts and Chocolate?

I give a huge High 5 to whoever can taste all those individual tastes inside this brandy. I can’t. I get this explosion of taste, flavor, on my taste buds. It’s like a party in my mouth, there’s a party in my mouth and my favorite band is playing and I have front row seats, and I get to hang out with the band afterwards.

That’s what The Klipdrift Gold brandy is. Seriously, the next time someone interrupts me while I am sipping on this creative element I am going to hold up a sign that simply states: “Currently Unavailable Busy Attending Party In My Mouth”.  I did find the party to get a little wild at times, and it like anything else can be slightly calmed down with a splash of ice’d water, without diluting any of its taste. I also find that this is best enjoyed in a chilled glass. Don’t add ice blocks, but you can chill your glass for added enjoyment.


Seriously? I love my new found knowledge. The world of Brandy seems to be rising out of its stereotype and claiming its stake in leagues it never used to be let into. It’s a little like The Battle of Five Armies over here, trying to decide what particular spirit I am loyal too. Then I remember I am not going to be making any Middle Earth trips soon and even if I were, the Klipdrift Black Gold would be perfectly savored in the warmth of Mount Doom.


Klipdrift I take my hats off too you, you have shown me a world I have been around but never seen before. I love what you’re doing with your Brandy’s.


As always



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  1. wow im a guy who lives in mpumala (middelburg) I once tasted on promotion the new black gold and it was amazing thng I ever taste nd I still search for it bt I cnt find it. why good things dnt last yhe? pls hlp if u in my town


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