Wine Review: Tangled Tree Wine – Van Loveren Estate

Photo Credit: Google Images
Photo Credit: Google Images

Let me just put this out there. The first thing that drew me to this brand, was their branding. Seriously this mixed with the lumo bright colors and imagery, had me interested before Id even read the name on the bottle. It is amazing what a little attention to your marketing can do for your company. If I compare half the wine labels on the same shelf, to the Tangled Tree Brand, you would see my point. They’re all so serious. So important. So Business like. Tangled Tree looks like a party for adults. And sometimes adults need parties, kitted out with smarties, jelly-tots, clowns and silly sticks.

So the lovely Bonita & Team at Tangled Tree sent me a party! With names like Chocolate Cabernet SauvignonButterscotch Chardonnay and Spicy Shiraz it’s almost a crime NOT to buy VIP passes to this party. I really love how Tangled Tree and thereby the Van Loveren family have stepped out of the shadows with this range, and just gone about it in their own way! It’s light, fun, fresh, funky and something different.

Photo Credit: Google Images
Photo Credit: Google Images

One of the must-know facts about this range is that the precious contents of each bottle are NOT brought to us in glass, but rather PET. PET is an unbreakable substance, also referred to as  thermal polymer. It’s significantly lighter than glass, and great for us Travelers. I have never felt more confident about throwing a bottle of wine into my back pack and not having the slightest worry about the back pack, getting thrown around. Seriously, I dropped a bottle the other day, and it jumped-back-into-my-hand-kinda-durable 🙂  Something I’d like to put out there myself? When you see the SERIOUS Eco-Impact that this form of packaging has, I wonder why all Estates aren’t producing all their wine in PET as a standard set by the government? Here’s a handy info guide.

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Now that you feel completely guilt free about have a Tangled Tree weekend. How you enjoy each wine, is your next step.

I have to say hands down, I enjoyed the Chocolate Cab Sav the best! I love it. It’s a full bodied wine, but it’s so so smooth. It literally covers my tongue like a silk blanket. And YES, I get a dark chocolate association, even more so in the smell though than the taste. I think one could easily sip on a glass while watching movies over the weekend, or at the dinner table with a nice steak. I do suggest that what ever you are eating when you enjoy this wine, that it is preferably a red meat, or a stir fry, as the taste is quite powerful. Other than that, do you see how happy this wine makes me?


Another one of the range, that is quite a strong, but full flavored wine is the Butterscotch Chardonnay. The Chardonnay was a bit heavier than I expected, but well flavored. I would actually go against the usual advice, and enjoy this with a few blocks of ice and fresh fruit. I can imagine just sitting in the sun and soaking up some Chardonnay an fresh juicy fruits. I would suggest things like watermelon, sweet melon, and strawberries. I would also suggest to enjoy this wine, with some aged cheeses like Brie and Camembert. It’s a great wine to have a picnic day out with a group of friends. Or you could just hold it up to the Sunlight, in a Simba like embrace that I tried? 🙂

Yes, this is what I get up to when writing my reviews, lol. Maybe next time, Ill be standing on my head, who knows. Like Tangled Tree, life’s about being free, funky, and fun. Speaking of which, I was pleasantly surprised maybe even shocked with the Rose MoscatoI am not a Rose drinker, yet lo an behold there I was cuddling and being rather possessive over my bottle of Rose Moscato. Tangled Tree deserve a legion of people just High 5’ing them for the next few years, on this success alone. Point being, if one must Rose, this is what Rose one must! 🙂

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All in all? Tangled Tree, you have done a brilliant job. Any company that put’s this much effort into, working alongside the earth, and caring for their property, vineyards, tree life etc is one that has my vote. And always will.

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