Competition Time: Win a Set of 6 X PrintWild Faceblocks

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That’s right Ladies and Gentleman. Calling all Photographers, Instagrammers, Tweeters, Facebookers. Here’s your chance to win a Set of 6 Faceblocks from the team at PrintWild. 

PrintWild is one of South Africa’s leading online print companies. PrintWild are ready to turn your favorite photographic pieces into wall hangings, decor pieces, canvas stills and acrylic or framed portraits. With technology being such a important part of our lives today, and photography being so easily accessible, now is the time to capture those memories and turn them into art pieces.

Rediscover your home, with happy, beautiful, and proud moments. Get creative and hang or string up your Faceblocks to match your decor. Faceblocks, are fun, easy and great gifts for everyone.

With their easy to use – user friendly Print Builder, one can quickly build beautiful pieces of art for the home or office environment. PrintWild dedicate themselves to bringing the beauty to life in your image.

Faceblocks are one of my favorite PrintWild ideas. Each Faceblock is professional cropped to meet the correct fit, it is then printed on high quality matte fine paper and covered with a protective spray, to keep your images protected for the long road.

I love that Faceblocks can come in sets as this is how they are best displayed. Be sure to showcase a memory in full with the arrangement of your Faceblocks. 

If you’d like to Win yourself a Set of 6 x Faceblocks, all you have to do is the following:

Tweet the following:

#RT & #Follow @ceecestravel & @printwild then tell us #WhyILoveSouthAfrica to enter the Comp. T&C Apply.”

You may also, Tweet us your #WhyILoveSouthAfrica images, with the tags:@ceecestravel @printwild #WhyILoveSouthAfrica for a bonus entry

You HAVE to enter on the Blog Page for your entry to count: Tell PrintWild and I in the Comment Box Below: This is: WhyILoveSouthAfrica 

Terms and Conditions Apply As: 

There will be 1 winner of a 360 voucher from PrintWild (set of 6 x Faceblocks)

Winner will be picked on the 12th June 2015 after 11:00am

Delivery to door is included for major SA centers; remote areas will incur a small charge.

Prize will ONLY be delivered to postal address in South Africa. No international shipment.

Winner details will be sent to PrintWild who will contact the winner directly.

Prizes are not transferable or exchangeable for cash and must be claimed within 6 months from date of issue

Judges Decision is Final



Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:

27 Replies to “Competition Time: Win a Set of 6 X PrintWild Faceblocks”

  1. #WhyILoveSouthAfrica Despite all the hardships that come our way South Africans will always band together to ensure our human rights are not violated, an attack on one is an attack on all!! Ubuntu!! Unity!! That is South Africa in a nutshell..


  2. We have an amazing variety of wildlife and breathtaking scenery, and we are fortunate enough to not experience harsh disasters like tornadoes, earthquakes and tsunami’s. Plus we have a great variety of good food, not to mention divine wines! 😀
    This is #WhyILoveSouthAfrica 🙂

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    1. Much agreed on the Wine. We have some of the worlds best Wine here in SA and we really need to take note of that fact. If you love your wine as I do, check out some of my latest wine reviews. #LoveandTravelHugs #WhyILoveSouthAfrica


  3. Oh come on, really? 🙂 Thats easy! We are by far the most interesting place in the world. Amazing scenery, friendly people, phenomenal climate and totally #gansta! Oh, sorry. Did you ask for one reason only?


  4. The culture, the food, the music. I love South Africa for the beauty, each mountain there is to climb, and each ocean there is to swim in. I love South Africa for the wonder of having the Big 5, almost right on our back door. And I love South Africa for it’s variety of craft beers and wines.. Babotie, Pap and Vleis, and especially Milktart. Braaiing on a Saturday afternoon with family and friends while watching a game of rugby, the neighbors screaming just as loud as you for the winning team. Now all of this, and especially being with my family, All of us Proudly South African, now that is #WhyILoveSouthAfrica

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good Morning Nicola

      Yes, we do have the ability to laugh at ourselves, I think we do a better job of it than many other countries. We’ve learnt the value in humor 🙂
      Crossing thumbs, and don’t forget to tweet & RT us your #WhyILoveSouthAfrica images to gain extra entries 🙂


  5. REHANA SEEDAT email: #WhyILoveSouthAfrica South Africa bubbles with wonderful, culturally diverse people. A colourful array of different foods, religions, beliefs and traditions are blended together to make up the amazing nation. South Africa has many challenges, but that’s what makes it exciting to be here. To be part of facing these challenges and (re)building a country. The people – ALL the people – are just great.
    Where else in the world can you go from Oceans and Mountains, through beautiful vineyards and into arid desert, from open bushveld, to tropical forest. Where else can you find such a diversity of people that 11 official languages are required. Here’s to the glorious South African sunsets and the great blue African skies. Here’s to the rich wildlife and the friendly, happy people. Here’s to melktert and koeksusters, mampoer, bobotie, sosaties, amasi, isidudu, chutney and bunny chow, vetkeok and malva pudding. Here’s to a melting pot of cultures, coming together. I can think of nothing better than waking up in the morning and going on a game drive in the cool morning air. It is amazing living in a country where there are people from so many different races and religion & living in a country that you know has gone through a lot and come out better for it. South Africa has some of the nicest beaches in the world. 2010 FIFA World Cup held in South Africa was one of the best world cups ever. It showed that as South Africans we could come together and do something great! We are one of the greatest sporting nations in the world.and we have one of the best climates in the world.There is a variety of amazing holiday destinations on your doorstep. South Africa is a country rich with resources, cultures and geographies and few countries the size of South Africa can boast such diversity. But none of this matters, if it doesn’t feel like home, and that’s why I love SA and am proud to be a South African, because S.A. is home to me. This is the home of ubuntu. For those of you who don’t know, it basically means a spirit of community and sharing and kindness. #I LOVE SOUTH AFRICA

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    1. WoW!!!!!!!!! Now that’s some serious love and appreciation for your country and fellow man. What a way to set and example of give some love. #LoveandTravelHugs to you


  6. Why I Love South Africa? Because no matter how far our friends and family go, their hearts always remain in South Africa… Because with all that JHB and CT have going on, they’re still jealous of Durban’s winters… We have huge gardens, trees and nature for days – all within arm’s reach… South Africans love a good laugh, and nothing can keep us down! This is: #WhyILoveSouthAfrica 🙂

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    1. Great Stuff Meegan! Your name sounds familiar, if you don’t mind me asking what primary schools did you attend? Also great focus on the WONDERFUL city of DURBAN 🙂 #WhyILoveSouthAfrica


  7. I love South Africa because it is home!! I am a travel enthusiast at heart and love exploring this magnificent country. The more I travel the greater my need to discover more of this country. We have so much to offer in South Africa and are privileged to live here. Its difficult to pinpoint what makes it so special as South Africa means something different to everyone. Be it the people, wildlife, open countryside, bustling cities, beautiful oceans, fascinating history… I could go on forever…

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    1. Thank you for that stunning reminder, of why we should love our home. We truly do have so much to offer and so much diversity. We’re a large country which people don’t often realize in comparison to some of our abroad countries. And we’re able to bring so much culture, life, experience, art to the world through that.



  8. I’ve travelled to a few countries, and I find my heart always longing for home. There are many reasons #WhyILoveSouthAfrica and I could go on here all day. But there is nothing better then spending a warm sunday walking on the beach with my family followed by a lovely braai, with some good fresh local products and some lovely South African Wine (Best in the world!) Home is where the heart is, and my heart will always be in South Africa!

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