Wine Review: Your Estate, My Estate, Our Estate – Blaauwklippen Vineyard

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A few weeks ago, the folks at Blaauwklippen sent me a bottle of their famous Zinfandel Blanc de Noir. Not only that but a beautiful bottle of Ons Sprankel. Firstly I have to comment on the Ons Sprankel bottle. It’s beautiful. I love the bottle art. Clean, clear and full of life. It’s bubbly that makes you bubbly 🙂 The funny thing about this is that the word Sprankel is Afrikaans, translated it literally means Shine. And Shine it does. I feel like a Hollywood superstar, when there is a bottle of Ons Sprankel on my table. I mean look at this.

Photo Credit: Google Images
Photo Credit: Google Images

Next up was the Zinfandel Blanc de Noir. Now the thing about this wine, is that people often confuse or rather mistake it by saying that it comes from the Californian White Grape. Which the Blaauwlippen Zinfandel does not. It is however originally from Italy/Croatia and called the Primitivo. I learnt that little bit of information from Natascha, a lovely member of the Blaauwklippen family with lots of knowledge on the history and brand.


Lovely bottles and great wines aside. What is it that truly attracted me to the Blaauwklippen family? Their Estate. And their active commitment to the estate of their staff and their customers. I love it when companies make a serious effort, to be Eco-friendly or to provide extra services, but Blaauwklippen have taken it a step further and really dug deep into what they stand for.

Blaauwklippen were one of the first members of the Stellenbosch Wine Route in Southern Africa in 1971. In fact the vineyard was owned by Cecil John Rhodes at one point….for 24 hours. A few years later, in 1984 Blaauwklippen founded their very own Blending Competition which is still going strong 31 years later. Take note this is a competition created for the buyer, the drinker, the fan not other producers. Again, a lovely example of this family paying attention to their clientele.

So with a history of greatness, and a continued stroke of success, how exactly does the Blaauwklippen remain faithful to their ethics, and to their origin of the Vineyard?

While their employees come first before they even get to the consumer, they make a promise to protect, and care for those who work on the Vineyard. A huge investment into the children of staff members has been made on this farm. Staff members with children can trust that their kids will be looked after, and taught basic life skills at the Creche on property, run by Suzette and her team.

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Blaauwklippen has made sure that these children are given the right life skills and education based on their age group. The children are also then fed during creche time and allowed to engage and play with one another. And if you’re looking for a project to get involved with, I highly recommend talking to this team.

And if you’re wondering about your own young ones. The Blaauwklippen estate is always ready for your family. With pony rides and jungle gyms, and some serious space to run around, you’ll never have to worry about them being bored or not catered for. Seriously, they even throw Birthday Party’s. In my opinion that’s a great idea for both kids and parents.

And hey, if you’re not with the kids, what better way to spend and afternoon. With so many options…..Do yourself a favor an call up Nanette from the Weddings and Functions Team, if you’re looking for the ultimate Wedding concept.

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Already married? How about an afternoon Wine Tasting? You can either have a formal wine tasting, and informal wine tasting or get active and go take a cellar tour. And if you must, and you really must, treat yourself to a Chocolate & Wine Pairing. Yes, its a thing and yes, I won’t tell anyone, you did it twice. 🙂

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Something I am truly excited about and dying to get hold of is the Blaauwklippen Brandy Fusion. The events are held both in Johannesburg and Cape Town annually, this year in Sandton on 4 & 5 June and in Cape Town on 6 & 7 August. The fine Brandy Fusion is now in its 8th year (in Jhb) and its 3rd year in Cape Town….Blaauwklippen is participating as part of the Pot still producers and the products will be found in the “Pot still lounge” at both events. And if you need to know any more, before opening a bottle of this wondrous brew, just ask Fanie Fourie who helped me, learn all about the phenomenon.

So with a clear mind, a happy conscious, and hopefully a craving to taste the Blaauwklippen Range, I leave you to discover the beauty in that which comes from building a business, and a brand,with both family values, ethical values and a kind nature towards one another……

*Please note I was not paid to write this review and all opinions are those of my own. All photography under the CM Photography are that of my own as well, please do not use images without my permission*. Any other images have been given Credit in the caption of the photo.If you’d like me to review your product please get in touch via the PR Page. 

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