Gin Review: The WoodStock Gin Co.

PhotoCredit: WoodstockGinCoWebsite
Photo Credit: WoodstockGinCoWebsite

Three things are very apparent looking at the above image. This product is not mass produced in a factory. This product is the spirit that we refer to as Gin. And thirdly, well thirdly…actually.The third one threw a spanner in my works. I knew that this product was “infused”. That simply does not even begin to explain what is hiding inside this bottle.

I have been battling to put into words, what this tastes like because it tastes like something, I’v never tasted before. To make things a little easier, let’s agree on one thing.

I want you to take a look at the Craft Beer Revolution globally. Craft Beer rolled up to the conference one day. Stepped into the meeting uninvited then got up on stage made it’s pitch and was voted into power by the people.

Craft Beer now owns the industry it was just passing by. Why? The answer is because it’s evoked a sense of community again? One can experiment at home in their own kitchen? Or does it just look cooler, sipping on your craft, while you twirl your beard in your favorite plaid shirt? Truth is we don’t know. It may be all the reasons, but it’s hit a spot a market that we’ve been wanting and waiting for without even knowing it.

Craft Gin?  The Woodstock Gin Co. does not taste like the Gin we know. It tastes NOTHING like Gin. It’s almost an entirely new spirit that this team has created but I can guarantee you that the Gin drinkers out there, will love it. As a Gin drinker myself, I can tell you that I am quite satisfied with this creation, and having stepped out of the stereotype, I am eager to see what more comes from this brand.

This is what an infusion looks like. This is what a South African Innovative Gin looks like. And the team at The Woodstock Gin Co. have taken the first step.

PhotoCredit: WoodStockGinCo.Website
PhotoCredit: WoodStockGinCo.Website

Due to the vast and varying taste of the spirit, I had my first two drinks without any mix. I needed to understand exactly what I was tasting in order to know what to drink it with. I am big believer in NOT using fizzy/ carbonated drinks to mix any kind of spirits. Carbonated drinks, fizzle away all the handwork and effort a company has put into creating the spirit. In the end I decided that one could enjoy the Woodstock Gin Co. with fresh limes or a small amount of lime cordial.

It’s interesting to know that the Gin I tried was made with a Wine base. As mentioned on their website the Woodstock Gin Co. Gin is made up either with a Wine or Beer base. Both bases double distilled and through the process of the second distillation are then infused with the above ingredients.

As mentioned earlier. I am eager to see what else comes out of the Woodstock Gin Co. if they have managed to create something like this under the radar I wonder what will come next. This is what I like to call a re-define company. They’ve taken an idea, a concept, a platform, they’re not inventing the original base they’re simply redefining the original thought behind the idea.

You can order you WoodStockGin.Co through the contact page on the website or you can find them at The Bottle Shop 🙂

Look at the faces below and remember them. You’re going to see them a lot more.

PhotoCredit: WoodstockGinCo.Website
PhotoCredit: WoodstockGinCo.Website

*Please note I was not paid to write this review and all opinions are those of my own. All photography under the CM Photography are that of my own as well, please do not use images without my permission*. Any other images have been given credit in the caption of the photo.If you’d like me to Review your product please get in touch via the HIRE ME Tab. 

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    1. You sure do! It is amazing! It is amazing, I can’t even explain it to you! Just amazing! Contact Stuart or Simon to put an order through 🙂 I’v never heard of Sipsmiths? Interesting!


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