Blog Exposure Series: Kaori Anne Jolliffe

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Kaori Anne Jolliffe

Welcome: Kaori Anne Joliffe.

Kaori, thank you for joining me virtually on Ceece’sTravel. You are the 1st to feature in my new Blog Exposure Series. I will be hosting this series to create exposure around people I find interesting, on Ceece’s Travel -Travel Blog. I am so excited to have you on board as I often find myself paging through your content. With that let’s begin:

1.What interests & excites you about being a Traveler and a Travel Blogger?

I think travelling and exploring a new place keeps that childhood sense of curiosity alive.

2. You’re about to Graduate. Congratulations. What do you think life will be like once you have graduated and how do you think it will affect your plans of Travel?

Thank you! I’m going on to study a master’s programme in Belgium so I think I’ll probably try and explore the country and its surrounding ones as much as I can in my free time. On top of my list is a visit to the Belgian coast.

3.What are some of the realities you find Blogger’s don’t speak or write about that really need to be addressed and dealt with on an open platform?

So far I haven’t come across any real issues. The blogging community in Luxembourg is quite a small group and has monthly meetings where not only new faces pop up but people talk about things they may or do need help with. We also have a closed group where we discuss things and ask for help or advice.

Other than that I think an issue which needs to be addressed re:social media, not just in blogging, is the issue of things not always appearing as what they are in reality; ie. the consequences of impression management. This became a particular area of concern when I was writing a paper for a final assignment and also stumbled across Madison Holleran’s Story.

4. Do you think that there are more females than males in the Blogging Industry and if so, why?

That’s difficult to answer as there are so many different genres of blogging from fashion, to politics, to travel and so much more… I started off in the fashion blogging scene so my first impressions of the Blogosphere was dominated by female bloggers. I don’t think other genres are as skewed as fashion and beauty but then again, I simply haven’t explored the other genres enough.

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5. If there was a battle on Earth for the Human Species, who would you rather have by your side? Dragons, Dinosaurs, Transformers, or the Avengers, and why? 

Definitely the Avengers – they all have different skills!

6. Would you like the chance to build or own your own brand/company? And if you did, what kind of company/brand would you like to have?

Of course – it would be fantastic to see my own concept come to life. I have two particular ideas right now: one is for a tea bar and the other is software based.

         7. Your Twitter feed is filled with amazing photographic material. How big a role does photography play in your travels and adventures?

It’s not only to gather content for my blog but also to capture memories but I think it’s also important to remember that snapping away with my camera shouldn’t distract me from actually being there and enjoying the moment.

8. If you could stop & take away one bad/negative/evil thing in this world forever, what would it be and why?

There are so many horrendous things happening it’s so difficult to pin point one… Probably people’s fear of being unsafe in their own home or country to the point where they feel the need to escape.

9. If you could add one thing to every single  human beings life forever, what would it be?

Ooh. I think it would have to be access to knowledge and education. I love what Code Academy and Khan Academy  are doing by making learning material free and accessible.

10. Please share with us your favorite image you’ve taken so far this year. 

This photo is of my boyfriend when we did a ten-day trip around the region of Andalusia in Spain. Our first stop was Granada and we of course had to explore the gorgeous Alhambra. I love that you can only see his silhouette and how it’s framed by the arches.

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11. What Social Networks do you think are a MUST HAVE?

Instagram and Twitter but also LinkedIn. I learn so much about current trends in different industries (digital marketing; social media) from articles that professionals post.

12. And finally what is favorite never leave home without accessory, clothing piece or favorite gadget? 

My phone and its cable! I use my phone for so many things so it runs out of juice really quickly. I sometimes carry a portable charger with me but otherwise I’d ask if I can charge it with whoever I’m with.

Thank you so much for being part of the launch of this series Kaori. I hope you have enjoyed answering these questions, and please share on all your social network platforms once I have published the article.

Thank you so much Kaori again for joining me. I hope you enjoyed it, I loved your answers.

To the Readers you can find Kaori’s amazing Social Media Pages here:

Twitter Page at Kaori Ann J.

And find her articles on her Blog Page,

And of course she’s on the FB as well.

Or Heart her InstaSnaps.

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