Restaurant Review: I Only Know How to Stretta


The morning after the Innis & Gunn Pairing at Stretta Cafe, I recalled the infamous quote by Linda Evangelista when she said : “I don’t get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day”

That morning I had a quote of my own, “I Only Know How to Stretta“. Good gracious what an evening. Filled with laughter, great food, wonderful staff and held at a brilliant venue. If you’re not Stretta’ing already best you get to it. Now.

On arrival, before anyone could even look at the guest list, Patrick told the host exactly who we were and we were shown to our tables. I felt at home from the moment we walked in the door.

It wasn’t long after being seated that Aidan & I were given Sherry welcome drinks and introduced to Ryan, who was whipping in and out of the kitchen during the evening.

The soft & exposed red brick walls of the Stretta Cafe paired with the light fittings covered in cream cloth, make for a warm ambient atmosphere. The prefect setting for an intimate tasting or a relaxed dinner.


The Menu was composed of only drool worthy creations and so I tried not to read it during the evening. Rather I was surprised every time some thing delicious landed on our table. And boy did they. Starting the evening off, we were treated to a Gorgonzola Focaccia Pizza. If you know anything about Cee you know that she has a love and lust for all things Gorgonzola and Brie.

So when our Pizza arrived at the table, its no wonder I couldn’t snap a photo without Aidan’s hand above the delicious delight.


With that done (in seconds) we were able to sit and chat. While the relaxed bustle of the environment carried across laughter and great smells from the kitchen.

I quite liked the wine rack concept at the bar. The holes or spaces for the wine bottles are  hollowed out in the actual brick work. If you are at the bar, ask for a shot of Cucumber Gin, its fantastic.
Not only space efficient but ascetically pleasing to look at.

If you’re not looking for an alcoholic drink, there is a stunning well lit Coffee Bar. I love the exposed wires and light bulbs hanging down from the ceiling.

bar light

Next we were treated to a Salad that didn’t stay on Aidan’s plate long enough for me to read out the ingredients to him. It was one of the best meals of the Stretta Menu of the evening.

The Involtino Salad

Avo & Feta Wrapped in Beef Carpachio
On a Grapefruit & Rocket Salad
Balsamic Gaze

And if that doesn’t turn you on, here’s what it looked like. 


This is the time where you ask yourself, what on earth were you doing on Tuesday night that kept you from this?

Each meal was skillfully paired with an Innis & Gunn Craft Beer.
The salad was paired with the Toasted Oak IPA

Our Innis & Gunn Host Jason Duganzich, was absolutely fantastic and full of knowledge and excitement. When Jason first started talking to us, we were taught how to say here’s to you in Welsh. Not something you want me to attempt now, id more likely end up swearing at you. It was a great ice breaker and got everyone involved and off their seats.

innis and gun rep

Next up, was the Innis & Gunn Original paired with our choice of main.While there were 3 amazing options to go with, both Aidan and I choose the one in particular.

However just before our starters and mains, we were surprised by a Lime Sorbet pallet cleanser.


And then…..

Fillet of Beef

Beef Medallions with Mushroom & Rosemary Sauce
Finished with Seasonal Roast Veg

Yes, it also looked amazing…….


I had mine done Rare and Aidan had his done Medium. Both were incredibly tender and cooked just right. I found that I liked the Mushroom part of the sauce but wasn’t a fan of the Rosemary. The roast veggies were the perfect compliment to the meal.

With full bellies and even bigger smiles, Aidan and I were joined several times by Ryan who chatted to us about the food, the venue and the evening in general. It was great having someone interact with us, just enough, not to much and not to little.

I have to mention our waitress for the evening, was FANTASTIC! Attentive,composed, and all smiles all the way. In fact the staff at the Stretta were all friendly and seemed to be on top of their individual tasks. I never saw any tension between waiters, I never saw any groups of people standing around doing nothing, the meal service was one of the first things I was impressed by.

Meals were brought out and cleared at a regular and well paced rate. Drinks refreshed, and plates cleared. The only thing I did notice was that the black table tops, don’t do well with any oils, finger marks and plate stains. I would suggest making all the table tops white or with wooden furnishings.

As they say, last but not least my favorite Innis & Gunn Craft Beer had come along, The Rum Finish.

I could try and tell you all about it, but it wouldn’t help. The only way you will experience that which is the heavenly taste of the Rum Finish is to taste it. Much like Shia Le Beouf has encouraged us recently, JUST DO IT. 


Dessert time had rung around and we were served….

Creme Brule

Vanilla Cream Brule


A Double Caramel Ice Cream



You know I love Cinnamon….

dessert 2

And then it was time for a few laughs with the team.

Ryan kept things interesting by showing us he’s Kung Fu moves behind the bar and a tall friendly gentleman, re-arranged my hairstyle for the evening.

a little fun

Thank you to the Team at Stretta and Innis & Gunn.

A Great evening was had. Stretta is a wonderful venue, and I look forward to experiencing its charms during the day, we’ll be back for lunch soon 🙂

Innis & Gunn keep on doing what you’re doing. Rum Finish all the way.

Here’s to you………

aidan and i 2

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