Restaurant Review: Home Bru Graft Cafe


You know you’re in South Africa, when they’ve taken the term Coffice and wrapped it around the truly South African term Graft (to work). To us, its a Graft Cafe not a Coffice. And where better to experience this world renowned trend than at Home Bru Graft Cafe?


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Literally on the edge of Umhlanga Rocks, just high enough on the hill to catch the ocean breeze nestled in the urban density bringing what only Home Bru can. Innovation. With a Car Dealership on the left and a Real Estate Office on the right the last thing you would expect to find is a space between, filled with white and wooden furnishings splashes of green lawn, brick faced phone booths, and a conference center that requires no shoes and craft beer on tap. The Influence from the owner who is both an Architect and Surfer is strong.


All jokes aside the South African hospitality field has taken to this trend, this new concept of what an office is. I think this is partly due to the fact that office space & property space is ridiculously expensive to rent in this country especially for smaller firms, companies and start ups. This may have started out as some kind of “Hipster” trend but its actually created an opportunity for people to operate and build themselves, without declaring bankruptcy. And besides its working to create jobs within the hospitality sector, something we are VERY short on lately.

board with prices

The Home Bru Graft Cafe has gone about it the right way. Perfect location, close both to public transportation and easy to get to with private vehicles. Home Bru are dedicated to serving and hustling up ONLY fresh food and ingredients. In fact they only make enough food for the day and once it runs out, its out folks. So don’t dilly dally, rather wow your Business guests with a hearty home made fresh meal between takes.

Aidan and I got to try two of the pasta’s which were displayed in the reception just the way I like… Jam Jar’s. I am a sucker for jam jars. Call me a Hipster but I now own more Jam Jars than I do glasses. And I will not apologize. he he he he he

menue 2

The Spaghetti Meat Balls  and The Chicken Pesto Pasta, with Parmesan. I liked the fact that the Pesto Pasta was light, often people tend to gloop down pasta’s with thick sauce, thinking its what their customers want. The pasta was light, refreshing and the portion was enough for two. I did add extra Parmesan to mine, but that was just me being obsessive about cheese.

The Moroccan Style Cous Cous Salad has a spicy bite to it, making it one of my favorite meals this year. the carrot slices in the salad were raw, a great culinary move. I loved the textures in the salad. I personally would be happy to eat the salad as a main and without the chicken strips.

The Baby Potato Three Bean Salad was presented extremely well and the beans were delicious. Unfortunately I am not a  big fan of potatoes as is, so cant really comment on the salad. However If you like potato salad, it really did look like a great one to have.


The Private Conferencing areas can be pre-booked out, if you are seeking space from everyone else. One of my favorite features are the two Red Brick Faced Phone Booths. The Booths are placed directly opposite one of the board rooms. If you happen to need to take an urgent call during the meeting you will not miss a single slide screen or show, while behind a sound proof door.


If you’re simply seeking a place to connect to the web for the day, their conference POD Booths are a great option, with dividers that can be removed to utilize the full table during brain storming sessions.

line chairs

And when you have taken care of business. Grab a seat at the front office, or outside area and indulge in some South African Craft. There is a huge selection to choose from, thanks to the Home Bru Graft Craft Fridge. Something I am trying to convince the team they need to give me. he he he he

craft fridge

And yes troops. They stock my Favorite Craft Beer as you all well know. The Robsons Craft Range. Proudly brewed right here in Kwa Zulu Natal in Shongweni. The Robsons Hammer of Thor and I have a special relationship. If you haven’t tried this Craft you haven’t tried Craft. The End.

bru rob

craft beer

And when is all said and done and you have to drag yourself off from this beautifully designed, well staffed, and well crafted venue, order yourself the Famous Pain Au Choc Slice, a puffy pastry filled with choc bites. This is where Aidan and I square off. I have to rave over the Blueberry Muffin, not only one of my favorite flavors but it was so soft and reasonably sized.


Id like to thank Caylee, and Brendan for showing us around and telling us all about the wonderful Umhlanga Eatery. I enjoyed our experience and hope to back for more soon. I’ve heard Home Bru rocks some pretty legend Craft Draft Specials and Weekend Vibes.

caylee and me

As Always…..



*Please note I was not paid to write this review and all opinions are those of my own. All photography under the CM Photography are that of my own as well, please do not use images without my permission*. Any other images have been given credit in the caption of the photo.If you’d like me to Review your product please get in touch.

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