Skin – Care Review: African Extracts

african extracts

Thanks to the folks at African Extracts, I got to give away an amazing hamper this week. African Extract products are light to carry, cover well, and keep the pores open. A great product of those of us always on the run.

African Extracts sent me two sample and travel friendly sized packs to test out. One set with night and day cremes and the other a duel action moisturize and toner. The packs both arrived packed neatly in sealed travel safe pods.


I’v said it before and I’ll say it again. Companies need to remember that heavy cremes are just not useful in our South African humid conditions. I’m pretty sure you all understand how the worst feeling on a hot day, is feeling your lotion sweat off your legs or arms. EEEEUUUwwwwwWW!!!!

The good folks at African Extracts have most certainly lived up to their African name and ensured that their creme is light, non stick and absorbent. All the products smell incredibly refreshing, clean and apply with ease. My one piece of advice is to use the toners after a hot shower or bath to have their best affect on the skin as its cooling. And to apply the night cream an hour or so bed before getting into bed.


The beautiful Hamper that has been up for grabs this last week, consists of Scrubs, Toners, Washes, Soaps, and Moisturizer. 

Choosing the Winner has come down to literally counting Re-tweets as there were several VERY interactive ladies. Finally though I did find my winner.

Drum Roll


Well Done, please send us your postal details…. 

As with all competitions the standard rules apply: Winner will be announced at 12h00 noon on 20th July 2015. Only 1 Winner will be chosen. Multiple Entries Accepted. Prize will be delivered within 2 months of competition, due to Postal Service Delay in SA. Competition open to SOUTH AFRICAN Citizens ONLY. We take no responsibility for any damage or delivery issues once the items have been posted

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