Event Review: Taste of Durban


Let’s get a few things straight before I take you on a tour of what was the most amazing Taste of Durban yet! Firstly it’s a good idea to start acknowledging that your decision not to go, was a very bad decision. One of those life changing decisions. See, we went to the Taste of Durban and our lives are all that more better for it.

Rain? What rain? Have you seen us Durbanites surfing in torrential rain storms? Have you seen how us Durbanites are the last ones running around Splashy Fen, rain and mud soaked? Have you seen how us Durbanites attend Micheal Buble concerts in the rain? Well you would have seen us, enjoy the Taste of Durban.

The first face I ran into was Joanne Hayes of Tumble-Weed Communications. Suited and booted as she welcomed media personnel to the event, with her forever beautiful smile. Once Aidan and I had our #LoveAndTravelHugs© from everyone we moved into the throng of the crowd, glasses and taste buds ready to explore.


First stop was the Two Oceans interactive booth. Rows of chairs lined the seating area, while the two Two Ocean Chef’s cooked up some delicious treats, while having a giggle n the process.


There were friendly Two Ocean Rep’s serving Wine, everywhere I looked. I didn’t see a Two Oceans Wine Tree however, I am going to inquire about that, thanks for the giggles ladies.


Next we stopped at the much talked about, Boiler Room. Another stunning concept from the Gina and her team at 9th Avenue Bistro. 


Between Aidan an I we went back to Gina about 4 times. The booth was BEAUTIFULLY decorated and the seating area was a nice warmly contrast to the weather.


And the food. Did I mention the food? I have to say 9th Avenue REALLY brought all their game to this event. They stood out amongst the crowd in every area. And most importantly the delicious treats!


As quickly as I’d warmed up, I needed to cool down. Luckily for us, we run into Chivaughn from Original_Iced Cocktails, who had some fresh, fruity and funky options for us to choose from.


Aidan choose the Singapore Sling, I choose the Cosmo, and our friend Donovan went with the Strawberry Daiquiri. I have officially be converted into a Cosmo and Sling fan. I def suggest you get onto Original_Iced and start placing your orders. I know I am.


As with any Taste Festival, there is a lot to take in and much to see. So with an extra hug, we moved on to find the next taste adventure.

Which is where I run into Stuart Parker, from ThisIsKZN. You all know I have some serious love for the work that ThisIsKZN are doing and the positive exposure towards KZN Tourism, Travel & Hospitality that the brand is bringing to the table. Go ahead and check out the ThisIsKZN webpage for more info.


And then it was off to find some more food. I am so happy that Aidan guided us towards the Jackie Cameron Booth. Even though he did try to eat the display plate, lol 🙂


Here we tasted what one can only describe as taste-bud euphoria. The Butternut Risotto, with Gorgonzola and Biltong was mind blowing! It gave me goosebumps and flutterbys all at the same time.


There’s that moment when you don’t think your day could get any better, and then you look next to the Jackie Cameron booth and Beluga is serving Sushi. So while Aidan tucked into he’s Risotto I got my hands on some serious Sushi. I have been heard to have said “I could live on Sushi” before.


And as with all the stunning KZN based booths, there were some really friendly faces behind the Sushi! Thanks ladies, you’re superstars.


So what does one do, when they’re all wine and dined out? You go walking about of course. During our walks, I found a few interesting things.

Like this Chocolate infused Castle Milk Stout Beer.…I mean what?! It was delicious and I must find more.


Oh and this awesome Copper cup from KetelOne Vodka. I mean we all need a cup like this our lives don’t we? Don’t you? I need this cup okay!


This super smile from the lady at Waterford Wines. With a serious jump in her step, and a lovely laugh, Durban was kept warm.


Can you see now, why I am totally perplexed by anyone that wasn’t at this years Taste of Durban?

There was a stunning Live Band, a Savanna Photo Booth, A Shisa Nya Ma Tent (hope I spelt that right), Build your own Burger Classes and so much more to experience. The atmosphere was alight, and every time you thought you’d discovered it all, there was another amazing display or smiling face, or steaming plate of something you had to try.

So a salute to all involved in bringing this event together! A huge thanks to Joanne and DKC_PR 

I look forward to the next Taste of Durban, and seeing what more Durban can bring to the table.

And for those of you who were silly and missed this event, be sure to catch me on the 1st August 2015 at this years #SAONTAP Festival.

And As Always….




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