SA ON TAP Craft & Music Festival 01 August 2015

Before the madness starts and we’re all lost in yet another amazing Durban Weekend, I need to tell you about the SAonTAP Craft Beer Festival happening tomorrow (01st Aug 15).

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As if the Taste of Durban Festival last weekend, wasn’t mind blowing enough, even in the rain now we’re being rewarded with a stunning, sunny fun filled weekend.

The SA on TAP Craft Beer & Music Festival will be hosted at Kings Park in Durban South Africa this Saturday, and everyone is coming out to play.

We suggest you bring your Picnic Blankets, Sunnies, and your A-Game. Some of South Africa’s home grown bands will be playing through out the day, making sure you’re fitted with some local is lekker jams. My favorite band Gangs of Ballet will be making an appearance at 16h30 so make sure to space out your day, and your beers 🙂

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Just to make it clear. There will be over ONE HUNDRED & TWENTY South African, Craft Beer, Whiskies, Wines, and Ciders at the Festival.

Speaking of which I am excited to be trying out the new kids on the block Sxollie Cider.
New to the market with their standout checked yellow logo, and hustle referencing name, I am sure they’re going to do just fine.

And of course let’s not forget to mention Cee’s favorite Craft Beer. The famous Hammer of Thor beer from the Robsons Brewery in Shongweni.

bru rob

Not forgetting some of the other greats joining us like:


Brampton Wines

Maddison Bakery

Eversons Cider 

So with, Good Music, Good Craft and Great Food what’s not to love?

There will be a dedicated Kids Zone, for the small fee of R50.00 and child minders. Your kids will also have access to popcorn,candyfloss, amongst other entertainment.

Tickets are at 97% Sold Out Capacity the last time I looked. So if I were you I’d get online and grab those last few tickets, so you don’t miss out on yet ANOTHER DURBAN WEEKEND!

Gates open 10h00 – 17h00 which means you can get your beauty sleep tonight and be 100% on top of your game tomorrow.

Tickets include your Limited Edition Festival Craft Glass & Access to the Concerts

Beers are R25.00 each

Tickets are R115.00 online and R140.00 at the door *subject to availability*

Children U13 Enter for Free

crowd saontap

Please keep in mind that this weekend, is forecast to be quite Sunny, so stock up on the Sunblock for both you and the little ones.

And with that, I expect to see you all there. Especially YOU, my fellow Durbanites. We’re coming together for a good cause.

The impact that the start up of Craft Breweries is having on the SA Economy and creating jobs is a very serious one. It’s also changing and inspiring South African’s to go out there and claim their futures instead of waiting for something to happen.

Even if you’re not inspired to go into Craft I can gaurentee after talking to a few home brewers tomorrow, you’ll be buzzing to start something of your own.

Not only that but we’re coming together to support local musicians, and local South African Businesses in general.

So leave the laptops and gadgets at home, bring your families, friends, and start a real conversation this Saturday.

And As Always….



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