My Style Icon of The Day: Janelle Monae

Fullscreen capture 20150812 023706 PM.bmp

 Introducing Miss Janelle Monae

I knew I had to start this series off with a fashion icon that I have loved for years. And without hesitation Janelle popped into my head. Maybe its because I am currently building a post,  discussing “Gender Specific” clothing issues and why the world feels clothing should be divided into two specific gender roles. I get it, I am lucky, my parents never told me I had to wear dresses instead of pants or shorts, they never told me I had to grow my hair long, or only wear pink, frills and flowers. Hell the closest thing I came to pink was Pink the singer. And she’s not exactly Cinderella.

I fell in love with Miss. Janelle Monae some years ago, when I came across her photo in People Magazine while waiting in the doctors room.  Here was this need I say, celebrity woman, in a suit, a proper suit on the red carpet? And man was she wearing that suit. She looked so confident, so defined, so strong, she looked like I wanted to feel inside. No one had told me yet that she looked that way because of how she felt inside and that it worked the other way around.

Almost every time I have seen Miss.Janelle Monae she has some quirky hair style to match her outfit. I have noticed and am pleased to see that she likes to wear her hair natural. There are times where an extension or two are visible but 90% of the time she is rocking her ethnic hair. This makes me smile from ear to ear, as an avid natural hair advocate.

Fullscreen capture 20150812 025346 PM.bmp

Miss Janelle Monae has always marched to her own band. Between her personal dress style, to her surprising backround in Kansas. Janelle inspires and motivates people to never walk out there front door without their confidence and peace. To take an active step towards making that change, building those dreams, feeding that creativity.

I love that Janelle’s Suits are always altered to bring something else to the red carpet. Whether the suit has a penguin tail, jewel crusted collar neck or is just a loud color, there is always something inspiring. I think woman look great in tailored suits, as do men. There should not be any kind of discrimination towards either sex wearing either style.

Fullscreen capture 20150812 023430 PM.bmp

A lovely sleek suit. Simply highlighted with black tailoring and worn with bright nails. So simple yet so classy and so powerful. 

Fullscreen capture 20150812 023424 PM.bmp

A slightly more serious Miss.Jonae. Working the a black corset with a penguin tail finish suit. Highlighted with a bold gold collar lapels and simply black hat accessory. 

Fullscreen capture 20150812 023410 PM.bmp

Or for the days when you just want to show up. A slightly over sized suit top. Paired with loafers and a classic white tee. Miss.Monea added a touch of bright lipstick and once again her famous hat accessory. 

I am really enjoying seeing people tackle gender specific clothing issues. I will be writing a full post on this topic itself, but today I celebrate Miss.Janelle Monae. And cant wait to see more suit-spiraition.

And As Always………



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