Restaurant Review: Fee Fi Fo Fum, I Need a FunnyBunny Burger in My Tum!


 When ever I think of the Funny Bunny Burgers, I get this image of myself as this Giant, wondering down the city streets screaming, Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum in hunt for a burger.

I first heard about the team at Funny Bunny Burgers when I came across Percy. Percy of course is the famous little lumo orange beetle that Nat and Jordan own. He has recently been in car hospital as I’v been told, so when you see him go give him some love. If you’re in Durban I would love to see your photo of Percy, he loves being tagged on Twitter. 


Aidan and I joined Nat and Jordan at the iHeartMarket a few weekends ago, to try out some of the famed Burgers.

Where we were treated to the Lukka (Pineapple, Bacon Jam) and Boom (Chakalaka Jam) Burgers.

Talking to Nat and Jordan while our burgers were being assembled, helped me further understand this start up company. Nat and Jordan try an source all of their materials an ingredients from local companies. Aiding not only to their own growth but to that and those of others in local communities.

Starting out this stunning brand has made all of their own investment into the brand they believe in. Using mom’s kitchen to prepare meals and then transporting their foods to various gigs and events around Durban. I would most certainly recommend them for any catering purposes or needs you may have.

The burger rolls, were fresh and wholesome. The meat clean, tender, flavorful and hormone free. And of course the famous sauces and glazes that make the Funny Bunny Burgers. To which I have to tell you the team are VERY passionate about!

Aidan and I both like contrasting and highlighting flavors. Aidan could eat a jar of gherkins with no problem, an I am happy to munch on cheese & onion sarmies. Funny Bunny has taken flavors like so, then matched them all inside one bite of a burger. The perfect example being the red onion, pineapple & bacon jam, combination. Sweet and Tangy if you like.


I do highly suggest you stock up on the serviettes, and don’t wear white clothing when eating a Funny Bunny Burger lol. The burgers are messy. Just the way they’re supposed to be as far as I am concerned. they’re wholesome, they’re full flavored and when you’re done, you’ll be walking around like Dwayne The Rock Johnson for about an hour afterwards. Feeling part Samoan and part Hercules. It’s a great feeling.

Something else that struck me while munching on my burger is that these flavors are the perfect combination to have while enjoying Craft Beer. With the revolution of Craft not only Internationally but right here in South Africa, I immediately knew what I wanted to enjoy after my meal. A nice dark craft, something like the Dam Wolf Brew or even the Robsons Hammer of Thor.


Nat and Jordan are and have already put so much work, sweat blood and tears into this venture. And I truly believe they make some of the best food the Durban has to offer. Id love to see them grow and think you should too.

Lovely to meet with you both, GREAT food, and so excited to try you new bottled Jams and Sauces.

If you’d like to try one of the Funny Bunny Burgers or meet the amazing team behind this brand, catch them at the Story Sessions tomorrow 19.08.15 at  The Morning Trade.

They can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 


And As Always…….



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