Why I Got Annoyed with The SkyNews Presenter…….

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So there I am, quietly working away in the corner of the room. Its the last day of the month and I have articles to get out, emails to reply too, negotiations to negotiate, stats to update, events to RSVP too oh and I am job hunting on the side line. Don’t even ask.

All things aside there I was. All you could here was the click click of my laptop keyboard and the buzzing sound from Aidan’s mouse while he played Hearthstone. The weather is over cast, with a slight chill in the air. I expect it to start drizzling at any moment, you can smell the damp in the air, the birds are singing as if to welcome the new season tomorrow as South Africa steps into the Spring season. Last but not least the soft sound of SkyNews in the back round. I don’t like to work in complete silence, and I do like to know what’s going on in the world, so SkyNews is usually on the telly somewhere in the house.

All was well and peaceful within world, I’m in the zone, creating magic from my finger tips. And then the  familiar weather jingle starts on the SkyNews Channel and the following words echo out  “And now for some un-inspiring weather”.  My entire body recoiled, sitting there for a few moments trying to understand what had so offended and upset me? And then I clicked.

Since I logged on this morning, I have seen people complaining about the weather. From South Africa to the UK it seems, the world is having a heart attack over a little moody weather. And it pisses me off. It’s not the weather its our attitude as human beings. It’s our perception and the way we look at the world, at each other. Our expectations and what we think we’re owed. Its horrendous. Maybe I have just been lucky? Between my two or so sets of parents and the people in my life, I have been taught that there is beauty in everything. Beauty even in darkness and that the definition of what darkness is varies vastly between who we are and where we come from. So truly is there really a standard rule of light and dark?

Anyway before I get off track, my point here is that we need to just stop and think before we blast. It’s so easy to be negative, to be nasty, to judge, to hate, to hurt and most of the time we do it without even realizing how our words and actions can affect others. I am not saying we can all always be perfect for ever after amen. I am saying we can all make an effort to mind what and how we be in this world.

Travel being my number one passion in life as if I was born with the DNA blueprint, and photography be its Architect. I love weather like this because it installs a sense of discovery for me. All I want to do is run outside with a camera and start snapping away. Catch the dew drops, and the contrasting colors against the UV or white light. All while breathing in that wet soil smell. Its peaceful to me, its calming, its my safe place. Since I was a kid falling asleep to the rain has always been my kryptonite.

I was an abandoned baby. I was 3 weeks old when my biological mother left me under a bridge in basically nothing and on a rainy stormy night. I like to think that this is one of the reasons why I love this weather and while it calms me when stressed or simply wraps around me in comfort. Most would think id hate such weather having that kind of attachment to it, but I see it as the day my life was saved. If it hadn’t been a stormy and rainy night, the woman who found me eventually would not have felt as compelled to bundle up and go searching the streets in look for the “cat crying” sound she kept hearing.


Its funny how we attach some emotions or experiences to smells and sounds. We’re human its what we do, but we share this space we call Earth and we need to acknowledge it. I know there are some things I have said carelessly as well, without thought that have most likely offended and hurt others. It’s knowing that now, that makes me cautious of how I fight my battles and how I express myself. There are ways to handle every situation in a humane way.

We have had some pretty bad droughts here in South Africa these last few months. To the point where the Game Reserves, Rangers and Wildlife folks were getting quite worried for the animals and their survival as the drought carried over. We’re still in weary territory. So when I see weather like this I jump up and down in anticipation of the possible watering holes that could be filled for those animals. I know that if there was serious flooding it could destroy homes further up north or cause damage to construction, but I am choosing to believe in and hope for the good of something, someone else. Have you ever watched Elephants play at a watering hole?




They’re like kids who skipped school and went down the local pool. Pushing each other around, falling in and splashing each other. They eat and drink and don’t wait the allocated amount of time before swimming and competely ignore the life guards about bomb diving.

And too see them walk up to a watering hole that is dry and has no water in it, is nothing but also heart wrenching…..

I love being out in wet weather. I love spending the afternoon walking around City streets and exploring during cloudy weather and occasion being caught in a flash rainstorm. It’s like I can feel the electricity in the air. It’s exciting it’s nature reminding you that there is something bigger and more powerful than you, something that can give you beauty and danger all at the same time, its just something you have to deal with.

Much like that one time we went to the beach to Surf. Well Aidan went to Surf I went to take photo’s. Obviously. It was still sunny when we got there, but ten minutes in and the beach was layered in mist, the tide had changed and everything got rather dark an eerie. It was amazing, beautiful but cautionary. When we came home I waltzed around our garden snapping these photos…. the Aloe being one of my favorite images I have ever taken.


There are all kinds of beauty in this world. And my wish that as a society as a part of humanity we can work on rather encouraging each other, and appreciating things in life more than we currently do. I just wish that we can start countering the negative way of speaking or the way we refer to things. The harsh way we criticize ourselves let alone each other. Sometimes you needn’t blame anyone else for the way you feel about yourself because of the way you speak to yourself. A harsh truth even I had to learn.

Start loving yourself a little more.
Start loving your annoying neighbor a little more.
Instead of shouting at the car guard to get out your way, explain to him that as a driver you can’t see as he stands in your blind spot. Most people forget car guards have never driven a car before.

The teller is not to blame for your card not working in the machine, it’s usually the bank and signal towers which are temporarily down. Shouting at the cashier doesn’t help you and it only breaks down someone who has to smile at a thousand people a day.
And if you just don’t feel like being all smiles and nicey nice then that is okay too, we’re human we’re allowed off day’s, just try not to contribute to anyone else’s off day

And As Always…..



7 Replies to “Why I Got Annoyed with The SkyNews Presenter…….”

  1. What a beautiful post and the pictures of the elephants are stunning. Have seen elephants playing in a dam in the Pilanesberg – a privilege to see. Majestic animals.
    We have added your post to our #ShowcaseTuesday as a #StandOut post (if you don’t mind) will be published tomorrow morning

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Team

      Thank you so much for your kind words. And the compliments, I took the photo’s in the Hluhluwe side of Hluhluwe Imfolozi before thr droughts started.

      Yes, they’re fun too watch arent they, but also animals of the wild, some of the most beautiful beasts.

      I am honored that you have added my post, so thank you and feel free to share it 🙂



    1. Thank you so much Danielle! I am glad you found it interesting and something to read! Lol It was so funny as I was writing it I still had the channel on in the back round, and he kept using words like dreary and depressing etc. I had to change the channel, lol! I am a strange soul don’t mind me 🙂



  2. Love it Cee. You’re a woman after my own heart in so many ways. (Weather fan, travel nut, photography-obsessed … and also determined to see the good beyond the bad that sometimes gets so rudely thrust into my line of vision in the conservation work we do…) Keep it up.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Dave.

      Thank you so much, that is an amazing compliment to receive and read first thing in the morning. Where about are you and Debbie based? It rained this morning I must say and I slept like a baby 🙂 Its now slightly damp and its all blankets and coffee while I click click away admin on the couch 🙂

      It’s hard to ALWAYS see the good, we are human after all, I think maybe I was just reminded myself that we’ve become such a down depressive society and that sometimes it becomes a comfort zone for us when it really shouldn’t be. The world we live in today changes at such a quick pace, never mind whats in and whats not, it seems the way we are now has a trending style as well, which is scary to say the least 🙂

      We just need to bump each other on the shoulders sometimes and we’ll be alright 🙂



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