My Style Icon of The Day: Jamie Campbell Bower


There will be no introduction made to today’s Style Icon. Just watch.Learn. And appreciate. As we feature our first Male Choice in the Style Icon Series. 

Okay, maybe I should say something like, he’s the only reason I watch Mortal Instruments and pay attention to the Paris Fashion Week. You NEVER know what he is going to turn up wearing from, skinnier than skinny jeans, or mascara. 

He’s the guy that turns up on the Red Carpet, in black shirt, skinnies and shades to movie premiers, and still ends up being the best dressed. What is about men who know how to dress themselves? Its like men who can dance, the confidence and knowledge of what suites them its electrically attracting. 

Oh and he’s an Actor, Singer and Model…triple threat much? 

So lets look at some Jamie Campbell Bower’s Fashion Forward Looks We Love. 

Shirt, Shades, Slay…..


Fashion Rule No.1 Don’t Wear Denim Head to Toe, Jamie’s a Rule Breaker and we Approve.


Remember that time, someone tried to get him to wear a traditional suite? And he just owned it? 


And then went on to rock he’s Tim Burton Style idea of what a suite should look like? 


Maybe it was that one time went to Paris Fashion Week, and got confused with all the Models? 


Couples that Slay together, Stay together….


From Burberry to Casual Street-wear, we like what you’re doing Jamie.

Keep on doing you, on and off the red carpet, we’re loving your fashion forward style!

And As Always….



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