Craft Beer Review: Craft Brewers – Dam Wolf

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Word on the street is true. Cee has fallen for yet another.

The team at craft brewers sent me a treat of mixed craft beers a few weeks ago. And as I worked my way through the selections, smelling, tasting and holding glasses up to the sunlight, I came across, The Dam Wolf.

Note all the beers in the Craft Brewers range are well made, well flavored and well composed. There is just something between the Dam Wolf and I that can’t quite be named. I actually felt very very sad when I sipped my last sip of my last Dam Wolf and was very weary about sharing it, once I had discovered its hidden secret. I imagine quite the same emotions a pirate has, when coming upon some hidden treasure.

Let’s first acknowledge where the Dam Wolf comes from. Brewed in Botha’s Hill, nestled with the Valley of 1000Hils Route is the Craft Brewery. Along with a cheesery, bakery and sausage making facilities. Essentially you’re telling me, I can have a nice Sunday afternoon picnic inside, who needs anything else when you have all of this in one?

The craft beers sit for three weeks in their very own “Brewing Room”. I guess this is the ultimate man cave invention. Can I have one please John? John by the way readers, was the lovely gentlemen who made my week by sending me that special box, filled with special goodness 🙂

Everything one needs to know about the content of their Craft Brew Beer is online, easily navigated and stored at I don’t often fuss about layouts, but I do love visiting this webpage. It’s bright, funky, easy to use and enjoyable, much like the craft!

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Let’s be honest, The Dam Wolf is a comfort craft. I don’t much imagine ordering it in a over full restaurant on a night out. No this is better shared with friends at home. In front of fires in Winter and around the Braai place in Summer. This is drunk while watching Batman take on the Joker, or listening to your “bru” tell you about that “flippin hot stekkie he checked at the spar the other day“.

Dam Wolf is much like it says, a wolf, the alpha male, the rouge pack leader. Its patrolling its own territory within the South African Craft market. It doesn’t ask for permission and it doesn’t apologize. It is exactly what it is, and that is exactly why its so perfect.

John and the team like visits, so head up the hill and say hello. I’d always suggest phoning beforehand so that they can prepare for you, but its definitely an exciting venture to see where your new favorite Craft Beer is made.

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I’d like to say, thanks to John and the Craft Brewing Team. I am in LOVE with your Dam Wolf and Craft Beers, and if there was anyway I could secretly move in, it would be happening. 🙂

I am so pleased to see another Craft Beer that stems from right here in my home province of KZN and not only encourage you to keep on keeping on but to branch out and motivate others in KZN to get going. This is  a beautiful province, with such creative people, we def have our own styles to bring to the table, and the Dam Wolf is a perfect example of just that.

And As Always…..



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