Nail Polish Review: The Battle of the Shades

It’s the Battle of the Shades as I found myself thinking while taking photo’s. A few days ago my SA Beauty Bloggers Award Good Bag arrived. I’d been nominated in two categories but couldn’t make the event due to logistics and a few other issues. Yet, surprisingly enough my goodie bag arrived, filled with exciting treats.

In that bag was the Inglot O2M Breatheable in Shade 684. A stunning shade that I was really pleased to have gotten.  I thought it funny that I was getting another pinkish nail polish as I’d just been given one from a friend who’d brought a Neon color at a department store. The color was too bright for her and she knew that I love wild and loud colors. And that is where the Miss.Signature Neon Nails in Shade 19 came into the story.


I wanted to wear them both at the same time, so figured why not do exactly that, and see which wears best. I painted my nails alternatively in each shade, with the intention of adding some white streaks and spots later down the line. I am having a silent love affair with stark white nail varnish. There is nothing sexier in my book, whether you’re wearing it plain or using it to add flare to your nails. Every lady should have a bottle of white nail varnish somewhere in their house.


I applied three layers to each nail in each color variant. The Inglot could have most likely been perfect with just two layers of application and a clear top coat, but as I did not have a top coat available, I did three. When the Inglot shade dried, I could easily say it is better refereed to as a Peach color and NOT Pink. The Miss.Signature shade however was a little less impressive. I applied three coats as I had done the Inglot but am still thinking it needs at least another two coats. I can still see my cuticle line through the nail varnish, not so cool….


After cleaning up the area around my nails, and removing and excess polish, I was able to see the nails in their end state. I must admit the shades blended incredibly well together. the look is perfect for the Spring season which has just started in South Africa. And very simple to achieve. I’d like to see the Inglot color on its own, with a nice clear top coat. I think it is a very classy shade and when pair with the right outfit, accessories and maybe lipstick could be my favorite Spring shade.

I never much understood my mom when I was a child, she would always refuse to do anything with her hands if she had her nails painted. In today’s times, we’re gardening, working, caring for children and painting houses in between nail applications. So having a varnish that is going to withstand such activities is a big plus in my book.



or Painting……


Between the two the Inglot varnish is certainly the stronger varnish, without being heavy or thick. I cant wait to explore some more shades in this range, and maybe try out some interesting designs.

You do get some really good department store beauty and nail finds, but I must say I didn’t find the Miss.Signature to be one of those. There is a possibility that it would be better used on top of another color. For example had I painted my nails plain white, and then used the Miss.Signature to create some stripes, spots or designs, it may be better utilized in this way.


If you have any favorite Nail Polishes or designs, please let me know in the comment box below. Also if you have any suggestions in regards to how to use a light nail varnish like the Miss.Signature Neon please let me know and I’ll try it out next time.

Happy Spring 🙂

And As Always….



4 Replies to “Nail Polish Review: The Battle of the Shades”

    1. Hi. Thank you so much, it is always great to hear feedback 🙂

      I hope you’re having a good day? As you can see we’re being blessed with sunshine and a little warmth in SA at the moment, having just stepped into Spring 🙂

      #LoveAndTravelHugs© to you 🙂


  1. love your blog, very curious to know which brand lasted the longest without chipping, I have the worst luck with varnish, after 10min its chipped and looks crappy!!! @cazker1 lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Carey- Ann.

      I will be sure to let you know, as soon as I know lol.

      I have a feeling it is going to be the Inglot but it will be interesting to see how it comes along. I have some other department store Nail Polish that I prefer over brand name products because it lasts forever.

      Also, thank you so much for your comments. I really appreciate it, such a motivation to keep going. There is quite a bit of different content, which can be confusing but I guess the drop down links at the top help.

      A HUGE #LoveAndTravelHugs© to you! From Cee in South Africa.


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