Blog Exposure Series: The Lucky Couple

The Lucky Couple

A few months ago, I started bumping into The Lucky Couple on various Twitter chats. From there we started tweeting each other on a regular basis, and from there eventually became fast buddies.

Although only virtual, I really love spending “time” with these two, and listening or reading about their journeys and adventure so far. As self described, two Canadians, who packed up and sold most of their stuff, after one too many snow storms, and relocated to Phuket, Thailand.

Living the kind of lifestyle I can agree with and much hope to do the same. The couples website is an honest and reliable source of information, especially for those planning on visiting or moving to Thailand. With tips on house hunting, job finding and things to do, I always have time to read their latest blurb.

One of my favorite articles that makes me laugh every time is titled “How not to look like a tourist in Thailand” with a comical reference to Harem pants. Just don’t do it people.

I’d like to thank The Lucky Couple for answering the below questions I sent to them, and for the special video they sent me, featured in the article. I love video messages and this one, was just the best. With that, let’s get to know The Lucky Couple.

And a big CONGRATULATIONS on their recent Wedding Vows in Bangkok 🙂

lucky couple sunset

 Do you ever have moments, where you miss that Snow Storm in Toronto, and have you had much chance to go home and visit family?

Since we’ve been here for just under a year, we don’t miss home too much, and certainly not the snow storms! Summer is ending in Canada now, and we were just saying how thankful we are that we are not having to prepare for a freezing cold winter.
We miss our families, but skype makes it easy to keep in touch. Since it’s such a long plane ride (25hrs approx), we are planning to go for a few weeks next summer.

What is the strangest food you’ve ever eaten in Phuket, and what is the strangest food you’re eaten in Canada? Comparing the two, which would you rather eat again for a week straight?

Strangest food we’ve eaten in Phuket was deep fried larvae! It was crispy and exploded into a gross tasting powder when you bit into it. The weirdest food we ate in Canada was probably Poutine.

It’s a Canadian favorite, but weird to everyone else! French fries, gravy, and cheese. Its delicious and would definitely be what we would choose to eat for a week straight. Since you can’t get it in Thailand, we dream of eating it for a week straight! Haha

 I love your post about, how not to look like a tourist in Thailand. The harem pants comment made me laugh so hard. What is the most offensive “thing” you have ever seen a visitor wear to Thailand / Phuket / your home town?

Honestly, tourists here wear the most RANDOM things. We get it – Harem pants are comfy, but after seeing so many foreigners wearing them they are our biggest pet peeve! We have seen people wearing harem pants, fanny packs, and a camera around their neck. Like come on!

After reading your post on moving to Phuket, I wonder how local is the island still. Obviously it is a beautiful place and everyone wants to live there, but do you ever feel as though foreigners are taking over the island? And if so, what can visitors do to ensure and contribute preserving the islands they visit?

It can certainly feel like there are more foreigners when we visit the touristy areas, but we make a point to avoid them as much as possible. We have a house on a VERY ‘thai’ street, where we are the only foreigners, and always try local restaurants.
Most importantly, try to embrace the culture as much as possible. It will help preserve their traditions and the authenticity of the country, it will make the locals feel like you are appreciating being here, and I mean.. You came this far to learn about the country, right?

Can you teach the readers and I a helpful phrase in Thai, for when we visit?

The most important phrase is Pet Nit Noi! This means a little bit spicy – it will save your life! But this post we wrote has 10 awesome phrases to learn before you come.

Where are you planning on travelling to next?

We are heading to Koh Lipe and Langkawai (in Malaysia) in October! We are so excited to go here because it’s so far from Phuket and very remote (Koh Lipe is a 7hr boat ride from Phuket). Koh Lipe is called the Maldives on Thailand, with great snorkeling, kayaking and scuba diving!

What have you found is the feeling among Thai locals in regards to members of the LGBT community, both locally and internationally?

They are very accepting of the LGBT community here! We really get the feeling that Thai’s are accepting of everyone, and just don’t care that much about what other people are doing. It definitely feel likes they being in One :Love.

What is the one Thai food you will never give up, or share?

Som Tum with Mixed Fruits! It is the BEST thing. It sounds so weird: Fruit, cashews, fish sauce, lime. It’s like a traditional som tam salad, but with Fruit. It is so amazing we we wrote a post called ‘everything you need to know about Som Tam‘! 

lucky couple food

How do you get around Phuket? Walk? Bus?Own Car?

We bought an old ’93 Toyota that gets us around just fine! There are local buses, but they are pretty inconsistent and the bus routes aren’t practical to use all the time.
Cars are expensive to buy on the island – more so than Canada! Many people on the island have motorbikes, but we wanted to invest in a car so when we had guests come visit we could tour around. It has certainly made it easier to go on longer trips.

What are the best activities and hobbies to do in Phuket on your days off?

We love to spend our days off snorkeling, hitting the beaches, and going on road trips. We are still loving exploring the island and the area surrounding it. We are trying to make the most of our time here and contently on the hunt for new beaches, new lookouts, and new restaurants every weekend.

Between the two of you, who is more spur of the moment, vs planned activities and travel?

We’re both pretty spur of the moment, but I (Katie) am more the planner. I’ll make sure we have the snacks, drinks, towels etc, but Shawn is great at getting things together when it comes time!

What is the funniest but most embarrassing thing you have done or  experienced when you first moved?

The thing that sticks out the most was one time when we were car shopping. We saw a car on the side of a road that had a sign with Thai writing on it. We went to the door, of what looked like a car dealership, to ask about it. Inside, a women was playing on the floor with her baby, which isn’t completely weird for Thailand. Many people live out of their businesses.

We said we were interested in buying the car, but the woman didn’t speak English, and thought that we wanted her to buy our car! Turns out it was just someone’s house! We walked out laughing our butts off.

Finally, do you have any advice and questions you’d like to pose to all the readers, watching / reading this interview? Be it motivation to take the leap of faith and travel, or the caution not to let life pass, or just simple things to be aware and respectful of when travelling to the islands?

Our best advice would be to take chances! We took such a huge risk selling everything we owned and moving here, and it worked out so amazing for us. Everyone has different circumstances, but we hope we can inspire people to pursue their dreams!

I’d like to thank the Lucky Couple, for their insightful and funny answers, and for taking the time to be a part of this project. Sending #LoveAndTravelHugs© to them in Phuket Thailand, from right here in Durban, South Africa.

You can find The Travel Couple on the following accounts:

 Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram 

If you have any comments to add, experiences in Thailand, or Travel Tips, please add them in the comment box below. I look forward to chatting to you, too.

And As Always….



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