Cider Review: Eversons Cider

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Okay. How about a Cider, that is not “Cidery”? Before you start jumping off your seats and correcting my grammar, let me elaborate on what I mean.

Cidery is totally a legit word……..okay, maybe its not but its about to be. Eversons Cider, another winning brand to come out of South Africa, is just that. I have never been an overly eager Cider drinker, often because I feel Ciders are too vinegary or they’re just fizzy and tasteless. If I wanted a soft drink, I’d buy one, and thus if I wanted a spritzer, id make one. So how is it that I just love the Eversons Cider range?

Well, they’re in the middle. William Everson has managed to create a refreshing drink, that’s light yet full bodied in flavor. I feel like I am drinking something with consistency, rather just pushing down an alcoholic version of Sprite.

From what I have read and what I have tasted the process in which William creates an brews the Cider is the secret to this magic. Using ONLY real fruit, not the often used fermented apple concentrate method that so many use, William then has a process of crushing, and mashing, the juices along with a yeast. The Juice is then aged in oak barrels, much like a good wine, and then at the end of the process, given a hit of Co2 to give it that trade mark Cider texture.

Which explains why you get a Cider with actual taste and flavor. And boy is that flavor delicious. My favorite is the Mulled Cider. What is a Mulled Cider? Being the innovative team they are at the Eversons house, they have blended their original Apple Cider and infused it with a Spicy Cloudy Apple Juice. Yes, you read that right. The result speaks for itself.

The suggestion is to drink the Mulled Cider either warm in Winter by the fire and over hot cross buns, or to have it over ice in Spring. I enjoyed it both ways, and in fact think it smells, a little bit like cinnamon when its warm. Ciders do have a reputation for being “ladies” drinks or drinks you sip on at the club, but this isn’t in that class. The Eversons range as they say themselves, is truly to be treated as you would your special spirits. I know its called a Cider, but I tend to disagree somewhat, I think its a drink in its own class of sort, I’m just not sure what class yet 🙂

 The Cider Range does not disappoint with options like the mentioned Mulled Cider, Apple,Pear, Single Varietal Cider, and two special cases of Brandy Cask followed by the Gnarr Ltd.Ed.

I myself have not tasted the famous Gnarr Ltd.Ed as of yet but from description alone, I figure it needs to be done on a long weekend. The Gnarr was created from some Cider that’s been sitting for a little longer than planned, add notes of caramel and popcorn and you have a hardcore drinking cider. This is not meant to be drunk in cocktails and if you do indulge, as per advice don’t have any other plans for the evening, sit, simmer and enjoy!


So what is Cee’s final verdict? Do I think you should go out and order some Cider? Yes, and here’s the email address:

Do I think you should try some Cider the next event? Yes, I do, try and buy is my advice.

Do I think you should find the team on Twitter? To keep up with whats new news, find them here: @EversonsCider

Most importantly though, I think you should pick up the phone, dial +27(0) 82 554 6357 and tell William Everson, what a great product he has created.

I have said it before, and I will say it again and most likely some more in the future, but South Africa is the place to watch right now. Leading in the Wine Industry as we have done so for years, bringing up the flanks, are our very own, craft companies. Ciders, Gin’s, Beers we’re taking over folks! And I am so happy to see so many home grown, home brewed, home invested goodness come from the labor of our own hands. Buying locally, supporting locals, and creating opportunities for locals.

Now do your part and go drink some South African Cider.

Thanks to the team at Eversons Cider for sending me some yummy goodness to try out. It’s been fun.

And As Always…..



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