My Style Icon of The Day: Helena Bonham Carter


Introducing Mrs.H Bonham Carter

I could see all your faces drop when I decided to choose this lady as my Style Icon of The Day. Possibly the most teased and down voted Fashionista of Hollywood. And that is exactly why I have chosen Helena.

She has never once apologized for what she has worn and she has never once made an excuse for what she chooses to wear. I couldn’t be more inspired. Layers upon layers, spots with stripes, hair half brushed if at all, and shoes a sense of character second to none. It is partly fit she is married to Tim Burton another iconic gentleman of the Hollywood era, having brought to us the most amazing films over the years.

Half the time, you can’t tell whether Helena has just walked off set, is on her way to the red carpet, or simply picking up some shopping at the mall. It seems that the characters she chooses to play are based on herself not the other way around, being able to bring different aspects of who she is to each film. It looks like great fun.


Not to say that Mrs.Carter doesn’t occasionally vamp it up on the red carpet. Oh no, she most certainly knows how to show off when she wants. 


Or cause a bit of a stir at the same time. Who recalls that one time she wore two different colored shoes, and the whole world lost their minds? Ha ha ha ha it’s something I would do. 


I have always loved the fact, that Helena know’s how to use materials, textures, colors. 


Or when she met the Queen of England, dressed to the kill and bowed in 6 inch heels? 


She’s talented, she’s free and she is Helena Bonham Carter and she is my Style Icon of The Day...

And As Always…..



5 Replies to “My Style Icon of The Day: Helena Bonham Carter”

    1. I love her too, and yes she is also physically beautiful.

      She has such natural high and strong cheek bones and a set jawline, very cool.

      It s also why I loved all the different make up’s she wears in her movies, she must be a make up artists dream to work with 🙂

      Thank s for the awesome comment!



  1. Yes, she has such a pretty face! I’m not particularly inspired by Helena’s fashion choice, but I respect them. I love that she’s always unapologetically herself unlike the other Hollywood starlets. She doesn’t try to be on the best dressed list just to get attention. That’s nice! And she’s an excellent actress.

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