Press Release: Sexy Socks School Drop

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That’s the opening motto from the team at SexySocksSA. 

As a South African, I know just how easy it is to moan and complain about our country, our government, our this our that. And then something or someone comes along and reminds us just why we are proud to be South African. Why we are such innovators, such game changers, why when we put our minds to task and group together why we can do anything.

One of the things we do well, is invest in each other. We’re still feeling our way around but once we get it, we really get it. And after while we start marching to our own band.

As with the team at Sexy Socks SA headed up by the generous, kind and smart man that is Dave Hutchison. A true game changer.

Next time you feel yourself on the bring of complaining, I want you to watch this video. The video was sent to me this morning and when I got a moment I was able to sit and really listen to the vision and story behind it.

I have said this before and I will say it again, we can all help each other in some way, and all businesses can do their part. Responsible business is something this world let alone South Africa is desperate for. We need to start thinking above and beyond “what is mine” and start dipping into the “what is ours” market.

This is Dave’s stance on Sexy Socks SA and their current vision.

Thank you to Dave and the team at SexySocksSA for not only reminding us, but the world, at what really needs attention.

You can find the team at SexySocksSA on their Twitter Account

On their Website, where you can order some awesome SexySocksSA

There is also their fun Instagram Page & Facebook. 

I am already in love with their new range, as I drool over options like the Quirky Coral, Sexy Cycles and the Knee Highs. 

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Dave and the team also LOVE it when you say Hi.

So go ahead and contact them via their online site and give them some feedback. If you’d like to get involved in their charities and projects I am sure they’d appreciate the help.

And As Always….



3 Replies to “Press Release: Sexy Socks School Drop”

  1. Wow! Such a great initiative by Sexy Socks! Didn’t even know they existed until now – so thank you Cee for the heads up 😊

    Will definitely be purchasing soon and supporting these guys!!

    Liked by 1 person

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