Blog Exposure Series: The Tourist Of Life by Yvonne

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The Tourist Of Life 

I love young, fresh and funky travelers. They have so much energy, a sense of discovery, a sense of adventure. So when I read Yvonne’s post on missing her flight and how it ended up being one of the best experiences of her life, I knew she had to be next in the Blog Exposure Series. There is something about the unexpected and the unknown, that I find very exciting, like the feeling of electricity in the air.

So I thought I’d get to know Yvonne a bit better and this is what we discussed…..

1.Yvonne, the first time I read an article by you was your post titled
“How a flight delay turned out to be one of my best Solo Travel Experiences”.

Do you believe that, that specific event has changed how your travel today? Are you much calmer now when things don’t go as planned, by choosing to look at the possibilities that it allows you or do you still get upset when something unplanned happens?

I am a pretty calm person myself – I don’t stress quickly.. or actually… I never stress out to be honest. Whenever things don’t go as planned I make a new plan and have to go with that one. However, this delay was upsetting  because the trip I had planned to Dublin was already quite short, so I got worried my time in Dublin wouldn’t be well spend. But overall I was pretty calm back then, and whenever something unplanned happens now I still react pretty calm.

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2.Live well, Travel Often and Destinations. These are the 1st three headers on your website. You believe much the same as I, but I know how it can be a lifestyle that many have ideas of that often aren’t true. 

How do you handle brief and fleeting relationships, friendships etc while travelling as opposed to those in your home town?

The relationships I have with people during travels are quite different than the ones I have at home. I live in a fairly small town in The Netherlands where everyone knows everyone – so all my friends have been my friends for ages. We know each other in every way and meet up very often.

The relationships I build during travels are based on one common thing: our love for travel. Mostly these relationships fade away after we go our separate ways, but we always stay in touch through social media and promise each other we meet again some day somewhere in the world! I have made a lot of European friends who know they can always crash on my couch!

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3. What is the one item, or food or experience you can only find or experience in your home town, that you think everyone should experience and try at least once, while travelling?

To be honest my home town is so small it doesn’t have its own habits. I live in the Southern part of The Netherlands where we celebrate Dutch Carnival though (comparable to Brazilian Carnival, but instead of wearing bikinis we wear costumes and dress up silly). However I don’t think you should try this as a tourist;-) It’s a pretty crazy experience.

You should however travel to the Netherlands during November / December when we celebrate our biggest National Holiday: Sinterklaas. Which is quite comparable to Santa Clause coming over and giving you presents. There is such a good atmosphere everywhere during these months, and the food and snacks of Sinterklaas? To die for!

4. I love how you have several sections of interest on your website, this is one of the things that always draws me back to your site, I also read a post where you mentioned that Bloggers should NOT feel limited to one niche! I agree with this 100% (just look at my site).

I also know that one shouldn’t over stretch themselves, but I am so happy to see more people letting out all their creative juices, not just one.Is there any other advice you have been given that you have thought to be a little silly?

I don’t think so. Most of the advice I give people and people give to me is based on something. So if I can relate to the advice or know why people advice me something it can never be called silly! I love giving blogging advice to others and learn more about blogging. So I have seen much tips and tricks the past year – however, while one trick doesn’t work for me it can help someone else!

5. If had to eat only one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be and where can we find it?

Pizza, or potato chips. Can’t choose really. I’m a sinner;-)

6.Favorite mode of transportation while travelling? Plane, Yacht, Tour Bus, Road Trip, or Walking?

Plane! I don’t like flying itself because I get a little bit claustrophobic in an airplane – however I like the fuss around flying. I like the atmosphere at airports and I like how everyone is happy – happy to go or happy to come home. Beautiful! Me and a friend of mine regularly go to the airport without having to fly somewhere. We just like to do some people watching!

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7. If you could Travel for the next 6 months straight, all expenses paid what would your trip look like?

I would start in Costa Rica and Panama, exploring the jungle and trekking around the countries. These countries have been on top of my bucket list for years now – so it is no surprise I choose these destinations! After that I would backpack through South America – those countries are so amazingly beautiful! I think I could easily spend 6 months in this part of the world.

8. And last but not least, are there any bloggers, writers, travelers you’d like to meet in person? People who have inspired and influenced you.

There are a lot of bloggers and travelers I follow, and I keep finding new ones to follow every week! And to be honest I would like to meet them all! Every blogger has inspired me in some way, but no-one of them really pops out of the crowd. There is not one specific blogger that inspired or influenced me on many levels. Every blogger inspires me on another 🙂

Thanks to Yvonne for answering Cee’s Questions. 

You can find her at The Tourist Of Life

On Twitter at @TouristofLife

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And if you’d like to be my next feature you can DM Cee on @CeecesTravel 

And As Always…..



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