Cee’s Travel Wish List – Hong Kong via Air France

Cee needs a holiday and right now, Hong Kong via Paris CDG is looking pretty good! And when Air France is flying the way, why not?

Below I have created a Wish List of places I want to visit on my HK Trip, you can click on this  interactive link here to see where Cee wants to go and how she is going to use Air France to get there…..

Fullscreen capture 20151007 012508 PM.bmp

I love this interactive map, its easy to navigate and shows me as a traveler what’s around me and what more there is too explore.

Simply brilliant! Thank you  Air France for bring Hong Kong to Cee.

If you have been to Hong Kong or have any exciting tips for Cee, please comment in the box below and let’s get talking. Summer is around the corner…

And As Always….



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