Product Review: Almond Breeze SA – Almond Milk


Almond Milk

I am not quite sure what I was expecting when I received a box of Almond Breeze Almond Milk. I had heard some reviews via the grape vine about the milk but hadn’t personally put much thought into changing from diary to almond milk before.

Which means I was pleasantly surprised when I did taste it. I was lactose intolerant for most of my childhood and never had much of a sweet tooth, but once I out grew it and could drink milk, I went all out! I can happily sip on a liter of milk over a fizzy drink any day. if you’re worried about this being another soy milk alternative, don’t! It’s not soy milk and it doesn’t taste anything like soy milk.


It’s an incredibly light and smooth drinking milk made as you know with almonds instead of diary. I tested out both the unsweetened and the original variants before writing this review and to be honest I have to say I love the unsweetened milk. I can smell the almonds when I drink it, and it goes down well warmed up. In fact as a warm drink it is just the best thing since slice bread. I choose to have the unsweetened milk both cold and heated during the day and in the evening, I make myself some warm peanut butter almond milk shakes.

Simply heat the unsweetened milk in the microwave, do not heat to boiling point you don’t want a steaming hot drink. Once your cup is warm to the touch simply add 1- 2 tablespoons of peanut butter. It doesn’t matter if your peanut butter is crunchy or smooth, either one works. Stir the peanut butter into the milk as it slowly melts and turns into a thicker, creamy consistency. You will find as the milk cools the mixture becomes thicker, and if you feel like going all out, dip a few tennis biscuits into your shake.


I wasn’t a big fan of the Original milk I found it to be bit watery and sweet. Not sweet like normal milk, but just a strange taste I wouldn’t normally go for. It does taste better in your coffee, I was dying to try it in a cappuccino but never got around to doing so. Although you can ask at your neighborhood cafe if they do have an Almond Milk option as I have seen many coffee shops now stocking the Almond Breeze Almond Milk.  


 So what’s in your Almond Milk? And what isn’t? The team have a lovely easy read guide on their online website to answer all your nutrition questions. Here is an example of what I found when I was trying to figure out why we should change over from diary to almond milk

Fullscreen capture 20151007 081823 AM.bmp

At the time I received my box I had no idea that there were several other flavors available in the Almond Breeze Range and I am dying to try them. Almond Breeze now have a selection of flavors to suite everyone’s tastes.

For those of us who love to travel, I suggest keeping you eye out for these ranges when travelling.While not yet available in South Africa, I sure am excited to try out some of the International Range.

Chocolate almond milk , Vanilla almond milk in your Dom Pedro? And if we really wanna get invested there is an amazing Hint of Honey Almond Milk that I can see every muesli and trail runner queuing up to buy. And of course let us not forget the Coconut Almond Milk…..I think it pretty much speaks for itself 🙂

Fullscreen capture 20151007 081654 AM.bmp

So what are Cee’s final thoughts on this product?

The only thing I noticed that gave me some concern was the production process. From what I could understand there is a import, export process that could be managed a little better to make the product more economically ethical. Other than that, this is definitely a brand I would be happy to buy and keep in my fridge. It’s another healthier choice to make to your life with such ease and little effort.

I am hoping to try out the other variants mentioned above and will write all about them as soon as I do. A special thanks to the team, and to Carla and Nabiella for my little package 🙂

You can find the team on their website in the highlighted links in the review.

And come join Cee on her Twitter at @CeecesTravel 

And As Always….



2 Replies to “Product Review: Almond Breeze SA – Almond Milk”

  1. Hi Ceeeee!

    I absolutely loooove almonds, but unfortunately every time I munch on some, I break out like crazy – my skin is so so odd!

    But considering this is just almond milk, and is packed with vitamins, my skin might take really well to it, I need to get my hands on some soon! 😍

    Thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hi Raeesa

      Strange but we’re very alike in some ways…. there are certain foods as well that just dont do well with me.

      I actually cant stand almonds, I avoid anything and everything almond.

      This is the first almond based product that I have ever taken a liking too, but I do suggest you buy both the unsweetened and the original and decided which one you like. I am in love with my unsweetened and as mentioned its great hot or cold.

      I am out at the moment and have found that I am not drinking as much tea or coffee because I am not liking the taste with normal milk anymore, go figure 🙂

      I do love the fact that it is packed with vitamins and not loaded with ingredients I cant pronounce. 🙂



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