The Good Food & Wine Show – Township Cookout

Good Food and Wine Show 2015 

Umlazi Township Cookout 

First came the invite. If you don’t know how much I love invites to events then let this be an awakening. I LOVE invites. I love the crackle in the air and the excitement leading up to the day. You’re trying to keep calm and carry on but inside you’re about to explode.

That’s how it felt when I was invited along with other select Durban Bloggers, Media Personalities and Journalist’s to the Good Food and Wine Show Township Cookout. I replied YES faster than I could spell the three letter word and then waited in anticipation for further details.

Just before the event we were told that there was a small surprise in store for us. We would be travelling on-board the shuttle with the Celebrity Chefs attending the event. That’s right we would be sharing a bus with the Masterchef Australia Winner Brent Owens and the well known SA Chef and Food Network star Jenny Morris. Joining them were Masterchef South Africa winner Siphokazi Mdlankomo  and the famous Reza Mahammad. Can you see why we were all so excited?

The day started with us meeting in Durban at the Tourism Office and then collecting the chefs at the 5* Hotel The Oyster Box in Umghlanga. The Chefs sat up front while the rest of us and especially the naughty ones sat at the back of the bus, causing laughter and nonsense. Putting the likes of Sandy Nene, FayInTheMaze, Candy Morrow, and I in one spot for long periods of time is always going to ensure mayhem!

Upon arriving at the Eyadini Lounge in Umlazi, we were tagged and seated inside. The venue was a little more glitz and glam than I had expected and in a way that was a small disappointment. I had imagined being in the heart of a township, with dust roads and open braai’s. Instead we had plush grass, a large stage, cocktail tables and buffet all ready and waiting? It seemed a bit strange to me. Although that did not stop us from having a good time.

Durban Tourism GF&WShow2015 invite FINAL

The Chefs had two rounds of cook offs. First Brent Owens and Masterchef Australia finalist Renae Smith were up against Jenny and Reza. Both taking dishes known locally to South African’s and giving them the “MasterChef” touch. At one stage I was luckily enough to be called on stage to taste the Australian team’s Peanut Butter Curry Sauce. It was delicious. I often use a spoon of peanut butter in my mince spaghetti pasta at home. You should try it.

The hashtag of the day was #DurbanSummer although somehow I have a feeling our group went away with #DuringLunch a small inside joke.

I have to admit that the day was really enjoyed partly due to the team that Mayasree from Ethekwini Muni had put together. We all brought something different to the table with our personalities and of course there were selfies to be had.

DSCN6621 (1)
AmandaOMathe,CeecesTravel,Se-AnneRall,CuizineDurban,IngeLoker,MasterChefSA Winner Siphokazi, NicolaMeyer,FayInTheMaze,CandyMorrow

And selfies with the Chef’s of course.

AmandaOMathe, FayinTheMaze,BrentOwens, IngeLoker,RenaeSmith,CeecesTravel,CandyMorrow,NicolaMayer,CuizineDurban,Se-AnneRall, SandyNene, Prince

Lunch was served after the second cook off had finished and we got stuck in. I was sad to see that there were no Halaal or Vegetarian options for those who were either.

The meat I did eat through was delicious. Braai’d to perfection. I also tried some steam bread or traditionally known in the Zulu community as Ujqe. Apologies if I spelt that wrong I had to google the spelling. I really enjoyed it especially with  the mashed butternut. Wine from the Nederberg family was also provided along with Champagne and Soft Drinks.

You can find the recipes here: Recipe Doc

All in all it was a fantastic experience. And I am so glad that I was able to attend. The Good Food and Wine Show held its main shows and exhibitions this past weekend in Durban and from what I hear was a roaring success. For those of you in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, the Taste of Abu Dhabi is on shortly and I know Jenny Morris will be attending, so keep and eye out.

Thank you to all those who made this day happen. And to all those I got to share the day with! I can’t wait for our next adventure….

CandyMorrow, Ceeces Travel, FayInTheMaze and AmandaOMathe

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