Facebook vs #PrayForParis

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Should we be rioting to Facebook HQ with pitch forks and burning stakes or should we be looking in the mirror?

Waking up a few days ago I did the first thing we all do, switch on my laptop to check the news. There was no going downstairs to switch on the TV its a simple case of turning over and clicking the power up button. This is how we “news”. If it’s not on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram there’s a large possibility that it never happened, right?

#PrayForParis. That was it. It was everywhere. And it was breaking news. I hadn’t even opened a tab yet, when I knew simply by looking at the Hashtag the world was about to be thrown into some form of online war. As soon as there is a trending hashtag on any social media platform it’s time to decided 2 things.

1.Do you get involved in something that, most likely does not affect you in the least?

2. And are you a terrible person if you don’t? 

Because really, what kind of person are you for NOT sharing, re tweeting and commenting on #PrayForParis. Essentially you’re human. That’s all.  So what happens when social media and content marketing are what you live and breathe, personally and professionally?
What happens when you know that staying “relevant” and on top of the trendiest and latest happenings is your job? And that if you don’t someone else will?

Facebook happens. And then what usually follows when someone does something that causes much controversy because we’re the ones who didn’t think of it. OUTCRY.

“Oh the inhumanity of Zuckerberg and Facebook. Profiting off tragedy, death, terrorism and fronting it as a social media effort of good will”. 

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Just one of the tweets I have seen amongst thousands. On the other side of the fence though you have those defending Facebook’s involvement in the #ParisAttacks. Congratulating Mark for being on top of the social media helping to connect people to each other, providing information and clarity.

“Telling people their loved ones were still ALIVE”.

 There are many examples of this debate. One can be found on NDTV.com another on Postpickle.com both with relevant questions and statements to be had.

 The problem here is that we’re trying to mix morality with marketing. Seeking a common ground we can stand on and protest our righteousness. We’re insane. The world today is visual. Online. And thrives on social media. That’s another debate in itself but its fact for the argument I am making here.

Who recall’s the thousands of migrants and refugees currently fighting for their lives, fleeing from their countries, dying in the oceans, paying human traffickers to flee from fear and terror? Remember those guys? Wasn’t there a hashtag about them for awhile? Is everyone safe now? Did I miss that announcement, or is it just not the most relevant thing trending online anymore?


Whether you are on Zuckerberg’s team or not. Fact is here we are talking about #PrayForParis and more importantly FACEBOOK. It’s a brand. Its an online brand. It is one of the most relevant and used brands in the history of social media. And they’ve been to work.

When you get into content, branding and online marketing a few of the first things you learn are, stay relevant, use global events to create awareness on your brand, engage on social media, direct your users, be controversial, and don’t loose the human element

If I am not mistaken Mark has pretty much stuck to the recipe? The amount of human element or “direction” is a variable based on certain ethics, morals and such. It’s there. Use it. Don’t. How? That’s a question you have to ask yourself.

Death is not something to be mocked at. Terrorism even less. We can’t however be the people who criticize Zuckerberg and FACEBOOK and then feel sorry for Charlie Sheen an the entire fiasco around that controversial matter.

I’d like to know your thoughts on this debate, event, and specifically what you think brands should and shouldn’t do in times like this. Leave your comment in the box below. 

 And As Always….



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