Durban, Luxury & Adventure: A Weekend Travel Guidebook By Cee

It’s not often I am not excited about talking about my city of Durban. Yet today there seems to be an extra spark of electricity in the air. It may have something to do with the actual electricians who are currently drilling holes through the house but let’s pretend it’s not.

On the 24th of November 2015, I officially published my first Travel Guide Book with the team at Favoroute.

The guide is modeled on a Luxury Adventure Weekend spent in Durban, South Africa, my home city and country. Not only is Durban one of the best places for you to be in Summer but people in Durban are often known for acknowledging pretty much the whole of Kwa Zulu Natal as home. We’re blessed, privileged and we know it.

If I were to stand in the center of town, In one direction I could travel into the Snow Capped Mountains of the Drakensberg and in the other the Game Reserves in Zululand.


The Travel Guidebook will be available in App stores for purchase along with several others from fellow writers and travelers, near the end of December, early January 2016. There is a glitch in my guide, being that the highlighted pink pin points interfere with some of the sentences. This is a bug that Favoroute are aware of and are working on rectifying.

If you’re heard all about Capetown and Johannesburg then this is a great introductory to the city of Durban. Whether you’re keen to visit the Kwa Zulu Natal Society of Art’s Gallery or catch a Sweet Treat, Craft Beer, and some Fresh Organic Food with sea views at Home Bru Graft Cafe.

choc craft beer P1080872

I will be doing future Travel Guidebooks with the team at Favoroute so be sure to look out for them. Share them, use them and feel free to ask me questions about them.

And now for the big reveal? Click on this link – Cee’s Favoroute Travel Guidebook, I’m the first one of the left.

If you’d like to get to know more about me and or possibly work together in the future, you can click here – Hire Cee.

And join me on Twitter at @CeecesTravel 

And As Always…..



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