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What I Got For My Blogaversary: Print Wild

Print Wild are the first of many wonderful companies who have and are still sending me, Blogaversary Gifts. My website has officially been up and running for just over a year now. I have been honored to have worked with some amazing brands, both locally and internationally during this period. Only going from strength to strength!

Print Wild is a Proudly South African brand, who create fantastic works of art with your images. You have the option of recreating your photography in various forms, including but not limited too: canvas, acrylic, glacier, silver-back acrylic, gloss, wallpaper, matte, metallic and course the famous face-blocks.

Carla Hyland from Print Wild popped me an email, enclosed with a R300.00 Print Wild Voucher on my Blogaversary as a gift from the team, who I have worked with once before. As an amateur photographer who is trying to become professional, you couldn’t have given me a better gift.

The urge NOT to immediately use my voucher was hard. I knew I had to think it out, carefully choose what I wanted printed and how I wanted it done. After some deep contemplation I chose the three images you see above. Each image holds a special story for me, and of course I love the photo’s aesthetically.

The Rhino image is not a Faceblock but is in fact called a Big 1, which you can pick up for R180.00
The Rhino always has a special place in my heart, as it was not only the first Wild Animal I saw and remember as a child but also the first animal I can remember bonding with. I know you’re wondering how one exactly “bonds” with this ton giant? Click on my story on Van loveren and read about Cee’s connection with this endangered species.


The image with the Canoe which is a Faceblock and can be picked up for R60.00, speaks to me of a time in my life where I proved to myself, that I can truly get through anything this world throws at me. A time where even confused, broken, hurt, traumatized and having gone through something I wasn’t yet ready to discuss, I was still standing somewhat tall, strong and pushing through to the other side. In technically terms, I made it. If I had to sit you down and tell you my life story in one go, you’d start to believe Game of Thrones was a light happy family affair. Also, again I love the colors in this image.


The Hands. I guess again it’s a story of survival but maybe more so about love? Some of you who have read my previous posts and tweets know that I am adopted. I was also one of South Africa’s First 100 Cross Culturally Adopted Babies. Yes, that’s a mouth full try saying it when you’re 3 years old. The image is of my second born God-niece, who is white and myself who her mother once said, should taste like chocolate, *Giggle*.

We were at her older sisters birthday party quietly sitting watching the world go by. S must have been around 1-2 years old at this point. All of a sudden she reached over and grabbed my hand. She just hung on, squeezing and smiling at me. The photographer in me saw her tiny trusting hand in mine and quickly snapped a photo. Her mother looked after me like a big sister and in that moment I felt that the gift would be returned in years to come.


So thanks to the wonderful team at PrintWild for my awesome gift. I love that I can mount these images on a wall and am excited to get more done in the future.

The step by step process of ordering from Print Wild is FANTASTIC and I must give credit to a gentleman named Elvis who was amazing with following up and asking me exactly how I wanted my prints completed. He was a star to work with.

Come find Print Wild on Twitter at @PrintWild

And while you’re there join me at @CeecesTravel

And As Always….




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