Skin-Care Review: Philosophia Botanica

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Philosophia Botanica

Doesn’t that just sound amazing? I think it does. It smells amazing too.

I haven’t spoken about any beauty or skin care products for quite some time now. And I am so pleased to start off both a new season and summer 2016 with Philosophia Botanica, I love the Anti Cellulite Body Serum.

If you’d known me personally in a past life you’d know that my scars, lumps, bumps, stretch marks and cellulite are all part of the interesting life I have led. I am not in the least embarrassed or even worried by my traits. I love my skin. So over the years serums as such have never exactly had a place on my shelf. And when I did try them on the odd occasion I’d find them to be over oily, or smell bad or just a waste of time to be frank.

Not with Philosophia Botanica. I have made special space on the shelf for this serum. I used the serum every day (sometimes every second day) after having a hot shower both on my thighs and arms. At first it just became routine, until one day I wore a pair of shorts passed by a mirror and did a double take. The serum has drastically changed the elasticity of my skin and hydrated the areas where applied.

My skin isn’t dry, it isn’t rough its smooth. Granted there is still the odd bump or two but let’s just say I am not going to be even thinking of what my bum looks like in my costume this Summer.

The oil is applied easily, soaks up quickly and doesn’t leave any residue on your skin or clothes, unlike a more popular brand we all know. As I said it also smells great and comes in an easy to use glass squeeze bottle (love that its not plastic). The bottle has lasted me almost three months, which is great for almost everyday use and its quite sturdy so don’t mind throwing it in your bag.


And as with my standard with almost everything, the product is made from pure essential oils, containing no synthetic fragrances and is Paraben free. And not tested on animals. 

I was sent both the Anti Cellulite and the Anti Age serum. However I can’t really put anything on my face so I have sent it off to a friend, and will keep you updated on the progress. I have no doubt at all though that all the products in this range and from this brand are 100% worth it.

Francesca from PB has been amazing to work with. She has such a deep passion for the brand which comes across in both her work ethic and dealings. Exactly what one should see from the CEO and Founder of PB.

I am excited to try more of the products from this range, including the Toning Oil and of course replace my now sadly empty Anti Cellulite Body Serum.

 Click these links to find the brand on their following platforms.

Twitter, Website, Instagram and Facebook.

And while you’re there come find Cee on much the same.

Twitter and Instagram.

 And As Always…. 



2 Replies to “Skin-Care Review: Philosophia Botanica”

    1. Hey Jax

      Thanks for the feedback. They are amazing! The link and highlight at the top of the article should lead you straight to their page, as well as all the info at the bottom 🙂

      I cant wait to get my hands on more of their products, so exiting! Really really really did wonders for my thighs! 🙂

      Chat soon…


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