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What I Got For My Blogaversary: Rain_Africa

To continue with the wonderful series, I thought I’d tell you all about my gift from Rain_Africa next. In September 2015 I was invited to an exclusive Rain_Africa Bloggers event for the Bloggers based in Durban, SA. You can find all the excitement and information by clicking on this link:  Rain_Africa Bloggers for CROW.

Again a huge thank you to the team at Rain_Africa SA for doing this. Durban Bloggers and Freelance Media  are often left out of the more exciting, exclusive, launch events as opposed to our sister cities Capetown and Johannesburg. Which is quite sad to be honest, considering the amazing group of writers, travelers and bloggers we have in this city, all who are doing amazing things on their individual platforms.

Anyway. To the good stuff. The Team at the Gateway Rain_Africa phoned me a few mornings ago and asked if it would be possible to drop a little gift off for my Blogaversary celebration. I was already amazed that they were willing to literally drive out to my house to drop off a gift and secondly had taken the time to organize collection in person. The brand pretty much speaks for itself but this was outstanding.

Within the hour Yusef and I had made arrangements for me to collect my gift from Ryan. Ryan arrived an proceeded to make my day. It was one of those days, where PR companies were sending me nameless emails. The internet provider was playing pac man with my connection and I hadn’t slept for several days. So when I walked up to my gate to welcome Ryan in and he stood there with a huge smile on his face with opening arms. I almost cried. It was just what I needed a friendly face, from a great brand who I’ve grown to actually build a relationship with. A brand I trust. 

Ryan handed me a lovely little Rain_Africa bag filled with goodies I couldn’t wait to try out AND……….A piece of Chateau Gateaux Red Velvet cake, and a bottle of J.C. Le Roux Bubbly. It was truly an amazing gift from Ryan and Yusef and from the Rain_Africa brand. It was exactly what I needed. I was blown away. So thank you to everyone involved in putting that together you truly made me day that much better! And yes, I may have eaten that entire piece of cake alone, but that’s a secret 🙂

It’s Rain_Africa’s No.4 promise that has me attached to the brand like double sided tape. Easier enough to find on their website but here is a screenshot to give you an idea. This is a brand who not only make promises but build their product around those promises, its almost as if the promise is the product

Fullscreen capture 20151223 094451 PM.bmp

So far I am loving my Rain_Africa Lip Balm and Hand Lotion the most. The lippie helps with the crazy humid weather we’re having here in South Africa at the moment. Heading into what we call the Durban Summer.

Known for its humid temps and almost pavement egg frying heat waves. And the hand lotion smells so good I would like to bath in it. If it came in a bath quantity, I’d buy it an then simply lay in it for several hours a day. It’s also incredibly cool and refreshing on the skin which I find very helpful when I get over heated.

You can find the Rain_Africa brand by clicking any of the highlighted or linked mention in this article. You can also find them on Twitter and Instagram for that matter.


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