Ceeces-Travel 2016 Top Influencer List (Part 1)



To put it simply this post is dedicated to those who look out into the blue yonder and dream about sailing through that which not all can see. This is dedicated to those who despite circumstance or environment continue to believe and work towards where they want to go and the way they want to live in this world.

This is dedicated to people I love watching, people who’s posts I cant stop reading and to those who I believe I will have the honor of travelling with at some point in the near future. I have already had the honor of meeting and calling some of the featured people my friends. Do yourself a favor and follow, talk to, and watch these movers and shakers in 2016.

Featured are digital nomads, travel bloggers, content marketers, writers, photographers and people who make the first step out of their comfort zone.

 Mr.Scott Eddy

Scott was one of the first travelers I ever followed when I joined Twitter over a year ago. Now one of my favorite social media sites I often find myself scrolling through Scott’s tweets. Be it travel, content marketing or photo’s of amazing travel adventures. Its inspiring its encouraging and best of all its personal. Scott is one of the few successful people I know online who connects with he’s followers. Scott doesn’t treat people as numbers and that’s one of the best lessons I learnt from him in the digital realm.

Website: www.mrscotteddy.com
Twitter: @MrScottEddy

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Phillipp Dukatz

Phillipp inspires my adventurous side. The side that wants to skydive, climb waterfalls, snow board and camp under the moonlight in bear country. What attracts me to Phillip is he’s dedication to travel. I believe that Phillipp is an incredibly business minded and smart individual. He is travelling this world really investing in what he does and where he goes. Phillipp’s website is filled with amazing images of islands and boats but if you read a little deeper its also filled with graphics and stats, news about the local community. Budgets and information on how you can give back during your stay. Instead of must see tourist spots, Phillipp tells you about the hour you can spend at the local rural school. Its refreshing, Phillipp is truly present in he’s travel and that’s a beautiful thing in today’s society.

Website: www.escapology.eu
Twitter: @escapologyblog

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Angie Silver

As a solo female traveler myself, I know that every now and then a little luxury and pampering can be appreciated. Angie is THE go to blogger on the subject. Angie has been filling my screen with 5 star images and the best insights and tips on living a little luxury for most 0f 2015. Food and Travel are her forte and I like to think she’s one of the leaders of the pack in this regard. Having visited a large percentage of all the Michelin Star Restaurants in London she’s got the passion. Pour yourself a cocktail on Sunday afternoon and read all the posts on Angie’s site. And then know what you’re working towards on Monday morning.

Website: www.silverspoonlondon.co.uk
Twitter: @SilverSpoonLDN

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Sir Wanderlust

Boating through the Everglades, Diving in Indonesia, Waterfalls in Laos and Sunsets over Bali. Those are the first few posts that you come across on Sam’s twitter feed. Oh and also questions like “Am I ready to stop travelling?”. It’s a mix up but I like it.
Sam’s writing is very ernst and the way he looks at the world and himself it is pretty uniquely honest. In a way I guess its quite amazing to be able to ask yourself such questions while living the dream. To know that just because you enjoy something in excess that it may not always be good for you. Everything in moderation. And through he’s recent posts one can see how the question was asked, debated and eventually answered. I cant wait to see how Sam grows in 2016 a true level headed traveler, a good reminder to be in the moment when you’re there. Its not all about the selfie 🙂

Website: sirwanderlust.com
Twitter: @SirWanderlust

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Going Somewhere Slowly

A fellow South African solo traveler. Anje has just celebrated 2015 by travelling 7 Countries, 22 Flights, and sleeping in 63 Beds. Anje much like myself is a travel junkie. Where there is a will there is a way. South African’s are always amazing travelers to read and watch. We tend to describe things in a way that really entertains and ensures laughter. Anje has been spending a lot of time in Thailand, Bangkok and Asia. Keep flying the SA Flag high Anje, you’re an inspiration to other South Africans to get out there, despite the difficulties we face with visa’s and the likes.

Website: goingsomewhereslowly.com
Twitter: @AnjeRautenbach

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And this brings me to the end of Part 1 of Ceeces Travel 2016’s Influencer List. The second half of this list will be released mid 2016.

To the featured above, thank you so much for making my 2015 that much better, both personally and professionally. You all had a hand in leading, directing, helping and advising me in one way or another be it personally or through your writings. 

The world is loosing people to desks and social stigma’s. Those that know who they are, where they’re meant to be and how they’re meant to do it are a valued few. Its amazing to see you all inspire and motivate everyone else to live their dreams, to make them realities.

I cant wait to meet those of you I haven’t and to see what’s to come for us all in 2016.

Please come find Cee on the following networks and introduce yourself. I am always keen to meet new people, build new relationships and find new work and travel adventures.

Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat

And As Always…. 



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