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Love is such a strong word. Yet here I sit and proclaim my absolute love for the Hask hair range. Specifically the Mind Almond Oil Set. The Mint Almond Oil range is designed and targeted at thickening hair with Bio3 Thickening Complex , peppermint oil and magnesium.

Not only does it smell amazing, but I can actually feel the cooling sensation of the mint on my scalp when I use it. Some will tell you that having Ethnic Hair is a life time test given down to you by the gods. It’s hard to maintain and it takes forever to do anything amazing. None the less I have been a natural hair advocate for many years now and believe that there is a way of caring for and managing the beautiful fro’s we’ve been handed down.

Growing up in a cross cultural family, I didn’t really grow up knowing how to care for my “different” hair and always just used the same products and cleansing techniques as my caucasian sisters. It’s only later on in life that I have learnt the tricks of the African Hair Trade. Even if that means using LOTS of head scarves on lazy days 🙂

That was until last year when I swore to myself that I was going to grow out my hair properly. No relaxing, no tight braids that damage my hair line, nothing! Just plain old Jane. Its been a fun journey. About 4 weeks ago I stopped being able to get an actual comb through my hair, and so started using this morning “technique” where I wet my hair and comb through it with my fingers, until it lays down in a nice thick bundle, which I could then wrap in a headscarf or lace band. It’s amazing what people don’t notice.

So whats the buzz you ask? The Hask Mint Almond Oil set has done something revolutionary to my hair. I have NEVER in all my existence on this planet, seen my roots looking so healthy, strong and thick. In the past, as soon as my hair grows out its always been thin, sparse and weak. Now even after the 1st relaxation in months, its thick, soft, strong and retained its natural crimp. I was so afraid that I was going to loose all the new growth along my hair line that I almost didnt touch my hair, but I am so pleased  I did.


I intend to keep using this 3 set, range for the entire year of 2016. I will be tracking my hair growth, its up’s downs and all the joy of growing out ones hair. I haven’t used anything else on my hair since I started using this range, nor has my diet or anything else changed. I can 100% give credit to this range for the change and results I have come out with today. I am not sure when last I felt so confident about a brand in relation to my hair.

The range can be used daily but I used it every 2nd / 3rd day to keep things neutral and not strip my hair of the natural oils. The shampoo doesn’t leave your hair feeling like straw once you wash it off and the conditioner makes you feel like someone is blowing air-con on your skull. I live in Durban, South Africa and it’s the middle of Summer. Believe me this is a good thing.

After you’ve washed up, I towel dry my hair slightly and then spray on the Root Thickening Spray. I massage the spray into my roots and scalp with my fingers and then style or “finger comb” my hair into place. After about 30 minutes when my hair is dry, I massage my scalp again and suddenly….poof! Volume!!

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Hask provide a large range of products targeted at various hair ailments. Famous for their Moroccon Argan Oil range, along with the Keratin Protein Deep Conditioner, The Macadamia Hydrating Treatment, The Coconut Oil Set, and the Essentials line which caters to those of you using styling tools.

My hair is looking so great now whether I wear it naturally during the day, flared out or simply wear it combed back neatly. This is a style that is not only kind to my roots and hair but its great for a day out or a day in the office. Something I have always battled with.

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So as I said when I started this review. I love the HASK hair range. I got far more from this brand than I expected. To the point where this is only product I want to use on my hair for at least the next year of growth. It’s been a fun and interesting journey. I can only speak for my hair but for a product that wasn’t intentionally geared towards ethnic hair, I feel like this has been a secret hiding in the corner, just waiting to be discovered.

I’d like to say thank you to Margo and Erica for sending me the amazing product. You’ve been stars!

The Hask Hair range is exclusively available at  Clicks stores nationwide. You can also find them online and shop their various products by clicking this LINK

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