Press Release: Splashy Fen 2016 The Revival

Splashy Fen 2016 “The Revival”. 

I honestly just like saying the above sentence in my Leonard Cohen voice. Truth be told I am very excited that SplashyFen has been given a spring cleaning of sorts.

SplashyFen one of South Africa’s largest and longest running music festivals is back with a bang. Changes have been made to the layout, ticketing process and stage alignment to better the experience for everyone. Stu Berry from the newly appointed management company Impi Concepts was quoted saying “We’re calling it The Revival, because we’re bringing back all the good stuff people have come to know and love about Splashy”.

So what kind of music can you expect to find at this music festival? And why 25 years later, is it still attracting such devoted fans and an increasing number of first timers? Well SplashyFen started its reign focusing mainly on folk and light rock music with the inclusion of black music styles such as mbaganga and isicathamiya. Now almost every music lover is catered for with stages featuring artists and music in the Mainstream, Pop, Kwaito, Alternative Rock, Hip Hop and Electro music genres.

So who’s booked so far? SplashyFen is known for hosting both local and international act’s at the festivals and not to disappoint, we’ve been told that the following South African favorites will be at this years Revival.

Mango Groove 

Self described as the “South African band who have produced just over 12 Number 1 Hits and received just about every South African Music & Video Award we have to offer”.

1 Mango Groove

Dan Patlansky

Known as the South African Blues-Rock Wizard! Dan has confirmed headlining and international shows all over Europe for the year of 2016. Be sure to check out the schedule. Dan is one the musicians I am most excited to see at this years SplashyFen. 

1 Dan Patlansky

International Act

Xavier Rudd

Well known international legend Xavier will be at this years SplashyFen. Known for playing various instruments at the same time while making sweet music, this iconic Australian Solo Artist is not to be missed. 

1 Xavier Rudd

You can expect no less than 85 local musicians at this years event, along with food and drink stalls. Camping facilities, souvenir shops and of course bonfire evenings. SplashyFen is one of the few festivals, where the vibe is chilled and the music is the name of the game.

While everyone has always respected the event, this year there will be a no tolerance rule. In other words, if you cause any trouble, you’re out. The 4 Day festival will be held in its usual spot in the beautiful hills of the Underberg Mountains in KZN. 

Tickets are on sale now, and while I don’t accept Christmas gifts, It is my birthday in March…wink wink 🙂

In regards to buying tickets, directions, and a list of what you need to bring can all be found on the newly revamped Splashy Fen Website. Simply click this LINK and go get in on this years event.

I am crossing thumbs, fingers and so on that I am able to attend this years Revival. Splashy is an amazing South African event. The road trip, the people, the music, the getaway. Its a time to reflect, to let go, to appreciate and to breathe and what better place to do it than the Underberg Mountains?

If you’d like to keep updated on all things Cee and possibly my SplashyFen adventures, come find me on my social media platforms, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram at CeecesTravel.

And As Always…



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