Wine Review: A Place In The Sun

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Obviously I am going to tell you all about how Place in The Sun Wine is a Fair Trade Label product. And how Place in The Sun is a delicious Wine (because it is dammit!) but please,please,please can I first tell you how amazing my surprise was?

A few weeks ago, stressing myself through a Monday I heard the familiar crunch of gravel in my driveway. Which of course was then followed by a hoot and my dog Eddie who think’s its the bat-signal to go into attack mode. He’ll tear you limb from limb he says, until he gets out the gate, then there’s always an interesting plant, stick or stone that needs his attention far more urgently than your limbs (I need to get Eddie some wine).

So after saving the life of the courier man, I rushed inside to see what my present was. I love gifts, send me all the gifts! And boy was I pleasantly surprised to find the words Place in The Sun reveal themselves to me as I unwrapped my package.

2016-01-21 13.49.04

I have a confession. I have never tried Place In The Sun Wine. The Reason? The only time I have come into proximity with a Place in The Sun Wine its been a white wine. And I don’t generally choose to drink white wines. So imagine how I felt when I opened the package and found Sauvignon Blanc nestled inside the awesome picnic bag?

Now stop imaging because I was actually pretty excited. The color of the Sav Blanc really intrigued me. I am used to seeing these deep yellow tones to Sav which immediately make my tongue recoil, but as I lifted the bottle to the light I was happy to find a very light tone. Well that changed the game for me.

Carefully I unwrapped the package which consisted of:
1 x Interesting bottle of Sav Blanc
2 x wine Tumblers
2 x Lovely Dishclothes / Hand Towels

It was almost as if Place in The Sun knew I was moving within days and sent me a house warming gift 🙂

2016-01-21 13.59.20

Place in The Sun as I mentioned is indeed a Fair Trade Label Wine. Meaning that they estate has committed to providing a product to the buyers through only ethical and sustainable practices. Thus buying grapes at premium costs and profits going into a workers fund which helps in building schools, veggie gardens and opportunities for the community and its employees.

Place in The Sun is another Proudly South African Wine making its mark. Self described as easy drinking wine, full of flavor but easy on the palate. The range consists of the Sauvignon Blanc, Unwooded Chardonnay in White and the Merlot, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon in Red. I am very interested in trying the Red’s in the range as I have been pleasantly surprised by the Sauvignon.

2016-01-21 14.04.03

I found the wine to be soft on the taste buds, not as harsh as one can find Sauvignon Blancs to be. I enjoyed the flavor’s which I found to be more crisp over tangy. I would suggest this wine with a fruity starter, seafood main or a baked dessert like apple crumble.

And if you get the chance, pour yourself a glass and hold it up too…..well the sun! Exactly where its meant to be.

2016-01-21 14.07.25

So all in all. A wonderful surprise that made this wine lover for happy! A great new experience and a lesson not to judge a wine by its varietal (wink wink).

Thank you so much Place in The Sun for my awesome gift, I am very keen to try your reds! Well done on being Proudly South African and of course being a Fair Trade Label Wine! Keep on being legendary!

If you’d like to find Place In The Sun you can simply click on the highlighted words and come find them on Twitter!

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And As Always…….




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