Where is Cee and Is She Travelling?

In some ways I feel much like the cartoon character we all love to hate, Wally. “Several” hours of my childhood were spent lost searching for the ever elusive Wally, which by the way when found never seemed to live up to the hype. I imagined his smile was more sinister than friendly and that the game of catch and tease was far below my standards. Let’s just say I was an odd child and leave it at that.


In days just passed I have had one of my favorite songs by a band called Staind stuck in my head. The exact song you ask? It’s titled “It’s been awhile” and so aptly so. I haven’t blogged, or written too you or for I in ages. In fact what feels like decades in my rather upside down world of late. As my regular readers know, this is where I get to express myself, let loose and just be. The place of Zen. We all have our own way of doing this, as we should. This just happens to be mine. It’s also my business an income and for that I am grateful.


So what do you do when you’re faced with “The Nothingness”? In yet another childhood reference The Nothingness was the main antagonist and threat to the world of those living in the Never Ending Story. A true and horrible fear, a dark and dismal reality that would soon wipe out everything in the land of Fantasia. As a child this was one of the best films I ever watched, and as a adult I still find it deeply inspiring. The Nothingness changes as you grow, and that’s where I sometimes find myself. Afraid of The Nothingness.

And then you remember that your life is not a movie, although granted mine would make for an interesting and possibly award winning one, jokes aside. Recently I read a post that stated: Freedom is not living for the weekends! In other words, if you find yourself hating your entire week, your job, your daily grind so much that the “weekend” has become the best part of your world, then you’re not truly free. You need to change your reality. You need to decide what it is truly in life that you live for and make it happen. I’ve never given up voluntarily, and its not always been easy, but I will never give up on anything I truly believe is for me. I have had to change paths and roll over a few humps along the way, but I have never given up and I have never accepted no, I never will and neither should you.


So what have I been doing? And why is Wally about to become my spirit twin? There’s been quite the juggle up in regards to my work in social media consultancy and also in the content writing. I did profess that last year was my building phase and that this year was going to be the start of something special. What’s that about being careful for what you wish for?

Giggle, I am absolutely loving the direction that most things are going in. There are a few hold ups, set backs and the usual as with any growth and sudden demand but they’re workable to a point and it’s just another skill to master. Time management. I always taught my students when I was in Abu Dhabi that being or rather looking busy, is not a sign of productivity. Productivity is a sign of productivity. I never gel’d well with other colleagues who’d run amok, hands in the air in chaos and riot. There is no need for it and it is rather disrupting to those around them. If you’re doing this? Stop. Breathe and re-calibrate how you operate and how you work. Half the time you’ll find you’ve been making your own problems.


In the few moments over the past month or so that I have stopped to breathe and re direct my own brand I have met some amazing people. I have laughed like I haven’t in years. The first time I got the giggles it was so rare to my body that within 30 minutes my throat was starting to hurt. And it was fantastic, to feel my stomach muscles clench so tightly, it was a battle between breathing and shrieking in hysterics. It felt somewhat foreign but more so it felt like home. Like I had been away at war and come home to my family house, only to smell the familiar fields and hear the sounds of life around me. Not that I think war or going to war is as easy as that, but I hope you get what I mean.

The second time I spent doubled over in stitches was today. Last night I decided that we can only do so much and change what we can, but the stuff that is out of our hands or control, we can’t spend precious moments of life, worrying about. I woke up with a fresh zest for this week and missions to embark on.

And then I bumped into someone I had only previously had a brief conversation with, we talked for the next four hours. It was one of those conversations that fellow traveler HYDTI quoted too as “being able to sharpen your intellect through conversation with an equally sharp mind”. It made me feel ALIVE! We trekked over various subjects, including , travel, love, human nature, politics, bikes, and amazing adventures we’d individually had along our way. The conversation itself just flowed, it was electric and it reminded me of the kind of people I do want around me, the people I cant wait to meet on my travels. The reason I fight so hard for what I want and the beauty that is just this world.


I am finding it more and more vital to encourage people to travel. You don’t have to get on a plane to travel, you have an entire homeland to explore. An entire culture to truly understand. It’s all about making an effort to start somewhere. The one who made me laugh today for four hours started out he’s journey by booking a one way ticket with 2 days accommodation at the destination point, and has never looked back since. He does not deny the struggles in the beginning, the fear, the adrenaline the “what did I do moments” but he will also never stop travelling. I get that. I want more people to too.


So I guess, that’s what I have been doing. Cee has been working towards a goal and investing the much needed effort and time into the things I REALLY want in my life. I’ve wasted enough time as it is over the past few months/years. Not all by choice or even control but one must accept some responsibility. Learn to say no, without having to explain yourself. Learn to say yes because its what you want not what you’re expected to do. And sometimes just learn not to say anything 🙂


So when The Nothingness tries to threaten your world, create your very own Luck Dragon and “Slay Bae”……… 

And As Always….

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