Fairmont Zimbali Resort – Cocktail Launch

Having just come off the International Jazz Extravaganza I was more than excited when I got an invite to the Fairmont Zimbali Resort – Cocktail Launch.

The Fairmont Hotel chains are known and understood for being classy 5* establishment’s all around the world. So when one is invited to an event you bet your bottom dollar you’ll be there, with flowers in your hair. Okay so I may not have had flowers but we were the first to arrive.

Al Nicoll, local and international Durban photographer and Instagrammer an I were already talking, lightning, image angels, and scenes that we wanted to capture for this exact piece. It was one of the first of many collaborations between Al Nicoll Photography and Ceeces Travel.

We were greeted first hand by the CEO of LSCPR, Lesley whom immediately made me feel welcome and at home.

0525_Cocktail Launch_Al Nicoll 1If I were to give you an idea of the lounge setting I would talk about the candles placed between tall champagne glasses on white laced cocktails tables, draped in feather boas and old 70’s style necklaces. I would talk about the crystal glasses perfectly lined up behind each cocktail station and the melodies coming from local talented Architect and Piano Player Deon Smith on the grand piano.

0068_Cocktail Launch_Al NicollThe cocktails were served by Patrick, Meluleki and Siyanda three very talented and well dressed barman with a certain 70’s twist in their dress theme on the evening. I watched with enthusiasm as drinks were created, mixed and delivered with flair to waiting guests. There is something about watching someone especially a bar man who is passionate about he’s creation get to work. They’re so fluid in movement and focused in mind. The combination makes for an engaging show, and in the end you’re left with this stunning creation made just for you.

0216_Cocktail Launch_Al Nicoll0309_Cocktail Launch_Al NicollThe guest list itself was very well put together; I was honored to meet several other writers, photographers and media personalities from Kwa-Zulu Natal.

There were three live shows hosted during the evening where we were taught how to make some of the new range of Fairmont Hotels Cocktails and how to enjoy experimenting with our idea of what a cocktail is.

It’s not every day your taste buds are treated to something new, and especially having worked in hospitality and events I was impressed by the ingenuous use of old spirits in new ways.

With brands coming on board like, Remy Martin, Bombay Sapphire, The Botanist, Belvedere Vodka and Gentleman Jack there is no doubt that you will find something both unique and to your liking.

0221_Cocktail Launch_Al NicollCocktails have become a bit of a bore to be honest. We’re all used too only having the options of Margaritas’, Cosmopolitans, and Daiquiris. That’s about as much as the average person would be comfortable ordering in a bar or restaurant. There is no education within SA really about the different and various ways that people can create their drinks. It’s almost as though you need to go to school to study such, or you’re left or in the dark forever more. And Fairmont is not keen on letting that happen anytime soon.

And where would the evening be without some lovely bites to eat? The Fairmont made sure that we were treated to an array of mini bites during the evening, sushi, beef, and vegetarian options were all available. I really enjoyed the pork fillet bites done in a marinade sauce. There were also a selection of mysterious round balls filled with cheeses which came in all different sizes and textures. I quite liked trying them between sips and finding how the tastes affected the cocktails and my palette.

0100_Cocktail Launch_Al Nicoll

0437_Cocktail Launch_Al NicollSo whether you’re looking for a romantic night out with your better half or a laugh with the girls, my advice would be to dress up and treat yourself to one of Fairmont’s new cocktails. A little class, a little zest and a little more in my books!0072_Cocktail Launch_Al Nicoll0238_Cocktail Launch_Al Nicoll0285_Cocktail Launch_Al Nicoll

Fairmont is on a new wave length of innovation and I am picking up my board to catch a ride. Thank you to everyone who was involved in creating such a brilliant event, to the hosts and the bartenders for teaching us a thing or two.

All Images taken by AL Nicoll Photography

And As Always…

You can find me under the name: CeecesTravel on all my social media platforms: Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram.




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