The Cell C Sharks – Township Tours

The Cell C Sharks and Durban Tourism have teamed up to bring the game to the locals. Cell C Sharks will play three Currie Cup games on local ground in our surrounding Township areas of Clermont, Umlazi and Kwa-Mashu right here in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

The campaign is motivated by the concept of giving back to the local community through the Field of Dreams program. It’s not everyday that rugby fans can pop down to the stadium and everyone should have equally opportunity to watch the boys on the field and get the youth involved.

When I was asked to join the team along with other members of the local press, I said yes before I had even finished reading the invite. I have a special kind of love for the game of Rugby and any chance to support or be involved with something like this, you will find Cee on board!

Local well known photographer and master of his craft Al Nicoll joined me on this adventure. It was great to watch him capture the amazing day alongside our local team. We were picked up and traveled on the local Durban Ricksha Bus from the iconic KingsPark Growth Point Stadium, also known as The Shark Tank. From there we journeyed to the Clermont area where we watched the boys practice pre-game. An absolute treat as they battled it out among each other. The game itself is truly a marvel to watch especially pitch side.

028_Durban Tourism Shark's Township Tour_ AL_Nicoll037_Durban Tourism Shark's Township Tour_ AL_Nicoll040_Durban Tourism Shark's Township Tour_ AL_Nicoll046_Durban Tourism Shark's Township Tour_ AL_Nicoll049_Durban Tourism Shark's Township Tour_ AL_Nicoll

It’s quite outstanding at the pace at which the boys pass, tackle and move. It was a battle between shutter speed and pure muscle on the field.

032_Durban Tourism Shark's Township Tour_ AL_Nicoll033_Durban Tourism Shark's Township Tour_ AL_Nicoll

It was great to see the boys having so much fun while playing, with smiles on the field and a real sense of partnership.

After watching the team battle it out, and a few motivational words form coach we packed up and headed on our tour of the Clermont community. 001_Durban Tourism Shark's Township Tour_ AL_Nicoll002_Durban Tourism Shark's Township Tour_ AL_Nicoll004_Durban Tourism Shark's Township Tour_ AL_Nicoll070_Durban Tourism Shark's Township Tour_ AL_Nicoll073_Durban Tourism Shark's Township Tour_ AL_Nicoll

As we set off on our Ricksha Bus, the boys were full of laughs and the vibe on the bus was almost like being on a school outing. Durban Tourism made sure we were well stocked with some refreshments and snacks, of course I zoned out for a few minutes as I chomped on my biltong. I may have also eaten FayInTheMaze‘s biltong too, but its okay because she was over here doing this…… giggle.

024_Durban Tourism Shark's Township Tour_ AL_Nicoll

It was great watching the kids in the community waving and shouting at the bus as we drove around, Sharks flags flying high and the boys sending waves and high fives back!

078_Durban Tourism Shark's Township Tour_ AL_Nicoll080_Durban Tourism Shark's Township Tour_ AL_Nicoll087_Durban Tourism Shark's Township Tour_ AL_Nicoll

While the tour was fun and exciting it was also educational and eye opening. To see some of the conditions that people are living in, the broken down shacks, small children walking roads alone, and the litter and hygiene issues. It gave you something to think about, the next time you want to complain take a second to step out of your own shoes and try someone else’s on.

And then it was time to get down to some real business……food! We had an amazing Shisanyama experience at The Comfort Zone which allowed for us all to connect over local cuisine. I must admit the food was amazing! Between the delicious steam bread and the chargrilled meat, no man was left behind! Khaya Majola knew what was up.

010_Durban Tourism Shark's Township Tour_ AL_Nicoll011_Durban Tourism Shark's Township Tour_ AL_Nicoll014_Durban Tourism Shark's Township Tour_ AL_Nicoll

After our amazing meal, we were invited to a quick press conference, where we learnt about the three Currie Cup games coming up. These include the first match which plays out tonight April 08th 2016 at the Sugar Ray Xulu Stadium. The Cell C Sharks take on the Boland Cavaliers at 19h00. The following game will be at the King Zwelithini Stadium in Umlazi this is expected to be a huge game as the Cell C Sharks take on Namibia at 15h00! And the third game will be held at the Princess Magogo Stadium in Kwa Mashu Where the Cell C Sharks take on the Lions.

015_Durban Tourism Shark's Township Tour_ AL_Nicoll019_Durban Tourism Shark's Township Tour_ AL_Nicoll

It was a great day, both fun, educational and an exciting build up for the next three games. The team definitely look like they had fun and we sure did too…

089_Durban Tourism Shark's Township Tour_ AL_Nicoll008_Durban Tourism Shark's Township Tour_ AL_Nicoll022_Durban Tourism Shark's Township Tour_ AL_Nicoll021_Durban Tourism Shark's Township Tour_ AL_Nicoll

A huge thank you to Durban Tourism and the Cell C Sharks! This is a great campaign and I can’t wait to watch you play this evening! Thanks to Al Nicoll for the amazing images and captures of this stunning game, truly fantastic work again.

And As Always…

You can find me under the name: CeecesTravel on all my social media platforms: Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram.



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