Durban July Gateway Fashion Preview 2016

All Images by: Al Nicoll Photography

Its that time again, ladies and gentlemen, steady the horses!

The forever popular annual Durban July Horse Race is on our doorstep! Hosted on the 02nd July 2016 at the Greyville Racing Course. The Vodacom Durban July is known both for it’s fashion flair, horse racing, and the serious bets that are placed on races.It’s been termed “Africa’s Greatest Horse Racing Event”, and we give credit where it is due here at Ceeces Travel.

The Fashion Show preview was hosted a week before the main event, showcasing a taste of the fashion to be seen at the Durban July, and of course introducing this years event theme, Leader of The Pack. A rather interesting theme to play with as we have already seen at the Gateway Fashion Show Preview

The show itself was hosted in the old  wave-house an concert dome at Gateway Theater of Shopping Mall. This gave designers, models and press plenty of space to move around and explore the runway, VIP area and music stage.

259_Durban July Gateway fashion show_Al Nicoll279_Durban July Gateway fashion show_Al Nicoll

The Fashion:

The fashion presented on the evening was nothing short of brilliant! The models were beautifully made up by Kyrolan Make Up and GeraldWells Hair. And the designs were nothing but HOT HOT HOT!

Something I really enjoyed was the men’s fashion on the runway this year. The models that were chosen to wear the outfits were picked perfectly and the outfits themselves were truly a step up from the average show.

Lot’s of clean cuts, broad lines, sharp edges and dominant styles. Where as the ladies, were super classy, yet all had a feminine flow to their style. Lot’s of swaying and swishing along the walkway, very strong and powerful but also incredibly feminine, sexy, stylish. It was almost as though the various designers had taken the theme “Leader of The Pack” and represented it by creating strong,bold characters and designs for each gender.

So, let’s have a look at some of those bold styles!

283_Durban July Gateway fashion show_Al Nicoll274_Durban July Gateway fashion show_Al Nicoll294_Durban July Gateway fashion show_Al Nicoll275_Durban July Gateway fashion show_Al Nicoll

Do you see what I mean about these strong but sexy designs? And yes that is Kevin Sawyer and one half of the amazing Brissett Twins, Keelan Brissest…. looking super suave! 

263_Durban July Gateway fashion show_Al Nicoll286_Durban July Gateway fashion show_Al Nicoll295_Durban July Gateway fashion show_Al Nicoll292_Durban July Gateway fashion show_Al Nicoll

I don’t know about you but these PJ’s I am sitting in are feeling a little less “chic” the more I look at these designs and photo’s. Which of course the talented and my most amazing business partner Al Nicoll took.

270_Durban July Gateway fashion show_Al Nicoll264_Durban July Gateway fashion show_Al Nicoll302_Durban July Gateway fashion show_Al Nicoll268_Durban July Gateway fashion show_Al Nicoll299_Durban July Gateway fashion show_Al Nicoll

Kristina Andrea’s was one of the models that completely dominated the runway! What a force to be reckoned with! Absolutely love your work Kristina!

265_Durban July Gateway fashion show_Al Nicoll280_Durban July Gateway fashion show_Al Nicoll305_Durban July Gateway fashion show_Al Nicoll303_Durban July Gateway fashion show_Al Nicoll301_Durban July Gateway fashion show_Al Nicoll

VaVa Voom! Just look at those orange hues! Anyone who know’s Cee know’s that bright colors are my jam, peanut butter and jelly!

So where does that leave us on the fashion side of things? Well speechless really. It leaves me asking….

289_Durban July Gateway fashion show_Al NicollIs still……
293_Durban July Gateway fashion show_Al NicollTo come?

The Music:

Oh what a night, a night of glitz, glam, and music! The fashion show was a success but then we were ushered over to the dome, for a night of South African artists taking to the stage and absolutely rocking the party!

Local Durban talent, Kyle Deutsch  performed all his hits and of course had the crowd swaying back and fourth too Back to The Beach with Shekhinah.

308_Durban July Gateway fashion show_Al Nicoll309_Durban July Gateway fashion show_Al Nicoll307_Durban July Gateway fashion show_Al Nicoll310_Durban July Gateway fashion show_Al Nicoll

Sketchy Bongo jumped on the decks in his famed mask and got the crowd bouncing to some deep tracks.

311_Durban July Gateway fashion show_Al Nicoll312_Durban July Gateway fashion show_Al Nicoll313_Durban July Gateway fashion show_Al Nicoll

And Jimmy NevisWhat do we say about Capetown local, soul gripping, mind whirling, fun loving, stage dominating, Jimmy Nevis?

Well if you think he is a super star on stage you should talk to him off stage. The man is as genuine as they come, friendly, kind hearted, fun loving, just a guy who likes to sing.

Al and I were lucky to spend quite a bit of time chatting to this young gentleman and he’s manager Craig. The first thing I picked up on were his uncanny use of manners and pauses. Thank you, pleasure, please I felt so at ease, as though chatting to an old school friend I hadn’t seen in ages and then wondered why not?

324_Durban July Gateway fashion show_Al Nicoll320_Durban July Gateway fashion show_Al Nicoll325_Durban July Gateway fashion show_Al Nicoll

The VIP:

Aaah, and of course the VIP Lounge! What a place, I think we all have a little space in our hearts for VIP lounges right? Like a special place, a land filled with honey (in Al’s case) and sushi (in mine). I am not usually fussed with who is actually in the VIP room but more so, what the VIP is, looks like, and has inside it. That’s the event manager in me coming out!

This years VIP Lounge did not disappoint in either case. Brands like Haagen Dazs, Beluga, and Chateau Gateaux were in charge of the meals and Haagen Dazs even had a cocktail station! Yes it was delicious! It was like adult desserts in a glass!

We were lucking enough to have also bummed into some well known local peeps!

Ryan_TheDJ was looking smooth cut in he’s suit.

334_Durban July Gateway fashion show_Al Nicoll

Durban July favorite, long time friend and South African Fashion Designer and Model, Alexander James Cox, also known under Xander_Designer was working his Durban July Style!

330_Durban July Gateway fashion show_Al Nicoll

Mrs South Africa finalist 2016 Levinia Lea Arran proudly rocked her sash along with a classic headpiece an diva necklace!

331_Durban July Gateway fashion show_Al Nicoll

Another absolute social gem was Zoe Brown presenter on Expresso Show and Radio presenter on KFM. Zoe has always been so fun to watch on the telly, with her signature smile and playful attitude there was no doubt she was going to be brighten up the night! Especially as hostess of the event!

338_Durban July Gateway fashion show_Al Nicoll342_Durban July Gateway fashion show_Al Nicoll

And of course, I spent some time hanging out with local boys! Durban Photographer and Instagrammer Dalton Green and I finally managed to meet up, after just over a year!

344_Durban July Gateway fashion show_Al Nicoll

So by now, if you weren’t there you’re at least kicking yourself, right? Don’t make the same mistake and get your tickets NOW for this years Vodacom Durban July 2016. Seriously! If this is anything to go by then this coming weekend is going to be out of this world!

I expect super sharp ties and heels! Bright red lipsticks and wild hair do’s! Big smiles, lots of laughs, “great weather” and yes, lots of horses!

Thank you to everyone involved in making this event what it was. Thank you to the designers, the models, the artists, the staff behind the scenes, the food and drink operators and the fans! A special thank you to Gateway and their media,marketing and events team and to The Fashion Affair!

Once again, thank you to the amazing, truly talented, friend and business partner Al Nicoll for the great photography!

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And As Always…

You can find Al Nicoll & CeecesTravel on all our social media platforms: Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram at @Alnicoll and @ceecestravel














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