Selborne Golf Estate

All Images By: Al Nicoll Photography

That’s right! Selborne Golf Estate. If you’re imagining, lush greens, champagne breakfasts and high tea’s by the pool side. You’d be imaging correctly. Selborne Golf Estate located in the coastal town of Pennington is one of Kwa-Zulu Natal’s best kept secrets.


As we arrived we were greeted by the General Manager, Mr Andrew Young. Who then escorted us to the front terrace for some welcome champagne.

009_Selborne Golf Estate And Hotel Spa_AL NICOLL002_Selborne Golf Estate And Hotel Spa_AL NICOLL


Entering the reception area of the Selborne Golf Estate almost felt like we had stepped back in time.

While the estate is up to date and modern in all elements, there are still certain architectural nodes to the past that one can’t mistake. The large banisters at the bottom of the stair case. The extra wide front door, with envelope slot and cast iron features. And of course, the grandfather clock that sits quietly in the corner.

007_Selborne Golf Estate And Hotel Spa_AL NICOLL

Selborne Golf Estate is rated as one of the Top 100 Golf Estates in Southern Africa. To have the opportunity to explore the property and its world class facilities, was an afternoon well spent in my books.


Andrew led us on a tour of the stunning accommodation available on the property. One thing I noticed was that several of the rooms had separate toilets to their bathrooms. Not something you would usually think about, but a nice touch none the less.

012_Selborne Golf Estate And Hotel Spa_AL NICOLL023_Selborne Golf Estate And Hotel Spa_AL NICOLL

The rooms can be divided up for sharing conference guests and there are ample conference facilities on property for any corporate events, you wish to host. Although how much work once would get done with the beautifully kept greens, just outside I am not sure.

Golf Course

The estate offers an amazing membership programme for pro and casual players alike. Something I would suggest you check out, before checking in. With water features on most holes and sea views, I have to admit this is one of the most scenic courses I have ever been on.

029_Selborne Golf Estate And Hotel Spa_AL NICOLL030_Selborne Golf Estate And Hotel Spa_AL NICOLL

And get in on it, we did. Wielding our swords…or golf sticks, we set off in full armor…or heels, and conquered the practice green….or totally failed.Wearing my favorite pineapple pants and heels, I played a game closer to bowling than golf, but fun was had none the less. Even getting  Al on the pitch for a few shots.

018_Selborne Golf Estate And Hotel Spa_AL NICOLL019_Selborne Golf Estate And Hotel Spa_AL NICOLL021_Selborne Golf Estate And Hotel Spa_AL NICOLL022_Selborne Golf Estate And Hotel Spa_AL NICOLL

The Spa

After our game of golf, if that’s what we’re calling what we did out there lol,. We were sent off to be pampered in the stunning luxury spa before lunch. I think I took more selfies than actual spa time while I was there. The spa is so beautiful with lovely furnishings its hard not to snap away at everything. Split into several rooms, including a balcony with pool and garden views, artistic paintings and calm atmosphere, its a miracle we didn’t stay all day really.

025_Selborne Golf Estate And Hotel Spa_AL NICOLL027_Selborne Golf Estate And Hotel Spa_AL NICOLL028_Selborne Golf Estate And Hotel Spa_AL NICOLL


Unfortunately we couldn’t stay all day and lunch was ready, so we sadly left the spa and went to explore the lunch table. Lunch was served outside on the beautiful terrace we had earlier had our welcome champagne. This gave us all an opportunity to talk among ourselves, discuss our day and chat too Andrew about the property and the upcoming woman’s only golf competition that was being hosted the following week.

With stunning canapes like salmon and cucumber, delicious rose wine and the most incredibly “I’ll just have four more” cheesecake for dessert I must say I could have sat there all day, watching the golfers swing away.

031_Selborne Golf Estate And Hotel Spa_AL NICOLL032_Selborne Golf Estate And Hotel Spa_AL NICOLL033_Selborne Golf Estate And Hotel Spa_AL NICOLL

With full bellies, relaxed muscles, a new handicap and a day filled of laughs, there was only one thing left to do. A group selfie of course!

006_Selborne Golf Estate And Hotel Spa_AL NICOLL

So whether you’re looking for a day trip away from the hustle and bustle of the city. A weekend away with the boys, or girls? Or maybe a holiday for the family, Selborne Golf Estate has you covered.

With the natural gardens and relaxed atmosphere I see no reason why you wouldn’t want to stop at Selborne. Thank you to Brand South Africa, for our lovely trip and educational day, South Africa has so many gorgeous places to showcase and I just love exploring them.

005_Selborne Golf Estate And Hotel Spa_AL NICOLL

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