What Do You Do In Your Tomy Takkies?

What do you do in your Tomy Takkies?

Being the curious, adventurous, traveler that I like to think myself as its important to find a brand that I feel represents all that I am.

Friends and family know that the brighter the funkier and the more different, the more Cee likes it. And Tomy Takkies provide all that under one brand! So when I was invited on our #TravelTheBerg Adventure this weekend, which I will tell you all about soon. Tomy Takkies helped me out with a few pairs of my favorite shoes.

Now we all know that there is no way one leaves on an adventure without a “leaving” selfie, which of course my Tomy’s and I shared as our excitement grew for the coming adventure.


Once the ladies and I had settled in and explored our new surroundings, Tomy and I took some time out, as we watched the birds play and feed in front of our room.


I found that in the cooler temps, both the high tops and original style of shoe kept my feet warm, comfortable and stylish. With views over the cave at our accommodation we sat with a cup of hot chocolate and focused on how beautiful our country side is in Kwa Zulu Natal and how many wonderful places there are too explore.

Granted that it is currently #TourismMonth in South Africa, I intended to take my Tomy’s all over the Drakensberg! I mean I am pretty sure that Tomy wanted to see everything too, right? Yes that is an admission that I not only talk to my shoes but that they talk back. They do say that people that talk to themselves is a sign of genius.

After Tomy and I had, had our chill sessions, we moved on too more adventure activities. We went walking in the woods, where we found an abandoned trailer, some serious “Cabin In The Woods” vibes.

After that we met Valentino. A beautiful red coated horse who showed us around he’s home grounds. And finally we posed with our friends the famous “Pineapple” pants! It was a pretty good few days as we went on our adventures. Even when we woke up the morning and it was 5c and windy.

So how can you get in on this Tomy relationship? Well this Heritage Day, Tomy are going to be working in collaboration with 8 Morrison Street, and the Robin Hood Foundation at The Morning Rave. Simply bring a pair of your old but in good condition shoes, and swap them with Tomy for a pair of brand new Tomy’s.

Yes, you heard and read that correctly! Tomy and you will be helping those without shoes this weekend, down in Durban and in exchange you can take your Tomy’s on some adventure’s of your own. Simply click THIS LINK, to find out more about all the events and actions taking place this weekend.

Thanks Tomy. I can’t wait to see where my Tomy Takkies take me next!

And As Always….

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2 Replies to “What Do You Do In Your Tomy Takkies?”

  1. I do like to think about the different grounds our shoes have walked upon. I think I wrote about something like that in one of my blogs at one point… happy writing. happy exploring!


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