A Day In Africa Lodge

Sadly these day’s when the small town of Sodwana is mentioned in conversation, the immediate reference is a negative and controversial story-line from a few months ago.

I’m here to say, don’t let that be the case. Sodwana Bay as its known to everyone, is a beautiful and interesting fishing town nestled among the mangroves and hide tides. The town, layout and homes remind me a little of the fictional town in the series True Blood. Although I think the chances of the townsfolk being vampires, werewolves and fairies is somewhat less likely.

A few months ago, I was visiting a family member in the beautiful town of Hluhluwe, in Northern KZN. I had heard rumors about this little spot in Sodwana and so when we were invited for a meal, the choice was simple.

“Google estimates the drive to be around 01hr 25 minutes, but I think had we been driving during the daylight, we would have taken closer to 04hrs with all the stops we’d make along the way”.

Speaking of Google Maps, we used our GPS to find the property once we had driven to the town. Don’t be mislead, rather call up the owners and ask them to direct you, unfortunately the maps had us lost for almost 40 minutes, which is not the best way to start your holiday or dinner plans.

Dinner however was delicious. I really enjoyed the prawn started done with melted cheese, and my ribs which I got very messy with. The curry served in a miniature potjie pot was well presented too. My one guest ordered the steak, and I must say we had wondered if there was any cow left? The steak was a huge portion, maybe a little to big but none the less share and eaten by all.

The property does have a very rustic and earthy nature about it. Rooms, are styled with the bare minimum and artfully cracked cement on exposed brick walls. There are various accommodation options, from double rooms, to camping and even a glamping tent. I personally loved the glamping tent the most. The bath looks amazing!

And if you’re the adventurous type, be sure to ask about the Scuba Diving courses and rentals, from the staff at the Lodge.

All in all, I think the property is lovely, from what we were able to experience in the evening. I would like to re-visit during the day sometime.

Find out more by visit www.adayinafrica.co.za and tell em’ Cee sent you!

And As Always……



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