Good Food & Wine Show 2016 – A Photographic Experience

Photography By: Al Nicoll Photography

Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Well, that’s basically all I have to say about this years Good Food & Wine Show. Okay, maybe I have some more to say, but make no mistake, Wow is my number one comment on the event.

After the Thursday Township Cookout, I was excited to see who, what and how the show would be run. I am pleased to say that the event really tickled my fancy. And what’s a Food & Wine Show without the now famous Pineapple Pants or my Tomy Takkies?

AL Nicoll
So after thinking how best to show you what exactly went down, and how amazing it was, I decided that a photographic walk through was the way to go.

In no particular order, some of South Africa’s Best Chef’s showcased their individual talents. These chef’s are made Master-chef Contestants, TV Chef’s, Private Chef’s and People with a love of good food!

Like any good teacher, Private Chef Neil Anthony brought a little of his Capetown Fire with him.

Crowd favorite, Mi Casa Vocalist, TV Chef, and All Round Great Guy, J’Something cooks up a little something sweet for everyone. After which a few selfies were the order of the day.

And let’s not forget the ladies, who whipped up amazing dishes, all weekend long.

Both Lorna Maseko and Claire Allen, had us entertained with their on stage stories and news of both their future ventures. Lorna has the help of a chef school student and Claire had the help of a lovely young gentlemen from the audience.

Lorna and her student below

Claire and her amazing brisket below

So with all our stomachs fill and our heads even fuller with ideas, we took a walk around the rest of the Good Food and Wine Show. We knew of course we bumped straight back into J’Something. Only this time he was doing a cooking class, with some luck Good Food & Wine Visitors.

I had a bit of a giggle as I noticed J’s shirt, quite appropriate for the occasion I thought.

This year’s show should have been called the Good Food & Wine & Everything Show.

“I mean seriously, after we tasted J’s meal, we headed over to the sweeter side of life. Obviously Cee managed to find the cheese stand in a matter of moments. What is it with me and cheese? I don’t know but if you know a guy, hook me up please”, my anniversary is next month *hint hint*”.

At MTV Base Road To MAMA 2016 Eyadini Lounge _AL NicollAt MTV Base Road To MAMA 2016 Eyadini Lounge _AL Nicoll

Yes, that’s the Award Winning, Best Shell Scheme Stand  Gold Winners Artisan Cheese Co. 

And last but not least folks! The amazing, vibrant, and energetic soul that is Chef Sherwyn Weaichy was there to serve up an amazing dessert, ending our beautiful and culinary adventure at this years show.

“Sherwyn was assisted by Clint (*Waves Hi To Clint*) who between the two of them had us, the audience, in tears from laughter, giggling or blushing!”

A great show in my books! And when the end result is home mad jam, on freshly baked scones, and whipped cream, I mean really? Who are we kidding! 

Sherwyn, just so you know, I expect more of those on the 16th of this month hey?! Nje! When you’re good, you’re good honey! 

Right, now that I my stomach is grumbling and I could eat a house, I’d just like to say a huge thank you to all those involved in making this event happen, and furthermore for always bringing it to DURBAN!

Let this be an encouragement to all other brands, events and companies to bring their shores to our seashores! We love you, we want to attend more of your events, but we can’t do that unless you give us the chance.

And a huge thanks to my business partner but furthermore good friend, Al. You managed to capture the event in such a beautiful and talented nature. If I end up stuck in my kitchen for the next week, its partly your fault, lol.

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And As Always…..



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