Standeaven Brewery Takes Gold!

All Photography By: Al Nicoll Photography

A few days ago, someone said to me “It’s not an event, if Cee isn’t there”. Almost the new version of “Pic’s or it didn’t happen”. And while I love the compliment, I am starting to think it’s not really an event if Standeaven Brewery aren’t there.

I met the family, actually, I met the Watermelon Craft Beer, almost a year ago at SplashyfenThe Revival 2016. I mean, can you blame me? Have you tasted the Watermelon Craft? It’s like unicorn tears mixed with the gold pot at the end of the rainbow. They don’t hand out stickers stamped “The Repeat Offender” for nothing you know.

So bumping into them at this years Good Food & Wine Show, while not unexpected, was a lovely treat. What was even more exciting as a devot fan of this brand, was hearing that they had taken a Gold Award at the show. Specifically the Best Custom Design Stand Award. When you’re on fire, you’re on fire, what can they say.

At MTV Base Road To MAMA 2016 Eyadini Lounge _AL Nicoll
The Standeaven Brewery is based locally in my home province (not sure if that’s a good or bad thing?) A proudly family owned brewery, situated between Hillcrest and The Valley of 1000 Hills. Started up in 2012, by the BrewMaster Shaun Standeaven, pictured below. And since then, the company has gone from strength to strength, winning numerous awards.

At MTV Base Road To MAMA 2016 Eyadini Lounge _AL NicollAt MTV Base Road To MAMA 2016 Eyadini Lounge _AL Nicoll
It’s no wonder this stand won Gold at this years Good Food & Wine Show. They were serving up stunning Gin Co. Cocktails, beautifully presented, filled with fresh ingredients like strawberries and cucumber slices. Yes, I sat there and sifted through my glass to get at the yummy bits, don’t hate on me.

I don’t think we walked past the stand once, when it wasn’t at full capacity during the show.

Never fear though, as they are at the Shongweni Farmers Market every Saturday. So after you’ve done your shopping consisting of locally and organically produced foods, you can sit down and have a rest at their stand. Who say’s home made brie and a gin cocktail isn’t the perfect idea for lunch?

At MTV Base Road To MAMA 2016 Eyadini Lounge _AL NicollAt MTV Base Road To MAMA 2016 Eyadini Lounge _AL Nicoll
Along with the Gin Co. Standeaven is known for their range of Craft Beers. There is my mentioned favorite the Watermelon Craft, a Strawberry Craft, A Craft called The The Rascal and of course G&T on Tap! Yes, G&T on Tap! I mean, really now? Do you need any more cause to just fall absolutely in love with this brand?

If you find yourself in a situation, where you can’t attend one of the many festivals happening in and around KZN, simply hop on to the Standeaven Website and check out the Stockists tab! And if your local spot doesn’t stock this amazing brand, I suggest you have a little chat to them about, stocking it.

So for all those wondering what to get their friends, parents, extended family for Christmas? How about introducing them to the Standeaven family?

Durban Summer is almost upon us and I think this is one of the perfect way’s to hang out by the pool!

I can’t wait for us to visit the brewery itself, keep your eye’s peeled right here on Ceeces Travel for that experience!

A HUGE congratulations to the Award Winners! You deserve all the good that’s coming your way! Great brand, great family behind the brand and always a pleasure seeing you!

You can find Cee on all my social media platforms under the tag: @CeecesTravel and via tag #WeaverBirdComms! Catch Al Nicoll on the tag @AlNicoll and under #WeaverBirdComms as well for the latest news, events, reviews, and stays in KZN!

And As Always


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