Durban Twitter Meet 2016


Who says social isn’t social anymore?

Gone are the days of social media keeping everyone indoors and constantly connected to their devices. No outside contact and no physical interaction.

Times have now changed and the Durban Twitter Meet, a concept put together in KZN by founder and local Durbanite Yovanie Ganesh, is one of the leading examples.

The Durban Twitter Meet was launched in 2015 with Yovanie gathering together local social media users for a social meet and greet at Ushaka Marine World WAHOOZ Restaurant on the beachfront.


Durban beachfront is a great draw for international guests and home for the locals. The City of Durban has won numerous awards from food to industrial industry but we like to think that the city with the Best Quality of Life Award is our favorite.


The Durban Twitter Meet aims to bring together, a group of the cities creatives, artists, social media buffs, travelers, social activists and networkers. The aim is to bring everyone to one point and have him or her engage with each other in real life.

The Meet-Up will use the positives of social media to create real time connections, business opportunities and create awareness about community projects in and around our city, in which we could all get involved.


If last year was anything to go by, this year is going to be one for the books.

This year’s event aims to draw a larger group of attendees and brands to promote and engage with each other. Including everyone following the hashtag #DurbanTwitterMeet on social media both within South Africa and internationally.

The Durban Twitter Meet is an event where you can bring along your friends, family and fellow networkers too. Think of hot Durban sunshine, the sound of crashing waves on the ocean, mellow music and great food and drinks at WAHOOZ, under the tropical Durban sun. What more could you ask for?


There will be a cash bar and meal options available from the establishment.

This years event will be hosted on Sunday, 27th November 2016, and tickets are available from the EVENTBRITE Website for FREE via registering.

Ticket registration is VERY simple; simply click the link, order your required number of tickets and within a few minutes, you will receive an email with your tickets. Save the tickets to your smart phone, and show them at the event on arrival.

While the event is FREE to attend, DTM Founder Yovanie, has suggested to those who do attend bring an item of second hand clothing with them, or a toy (if possible). The items will be collected and donated to The Robin Hood Foundation. As we are going into our Summer seasons, we urge everyone to keep this in mind when donating clothing.


If you are a brand who would like to get involved or sponsor any aspect of the event or clothing drive, please Direct Message us on our Twitter or Facebook account. From next year onward, we are hoping to hold the event every quarter and choose a charity to support during each 3 month period.

You can interact and engage with the Durban Twitter Meet on the following social media platforms and make sure to follow all the accounts, especially Twitter to keep updated on the latest news.

Twitter: @DurbanTwitrMeet 

Facebook: Durban Twitter Meet – Page 

Instagram: DurbanTwitterMeet

Society has discovered that the concept of social media can be used for various tasks, events, and new ways to interact with people we wouldn’t usually have the opportunity to.

Social media isn’t just about sitting in front of your computer for hours on end, pinning stuff to boards.

Now social media is used to grow business, industries and even entire brand empires.

Social media can be used to raise funds, to share news around the world within seconds, whether, it’s a call too disaster aid, or voting for the next president, social media is now such an integrated part of the human lifestyle, one can no longer ignore it.


The Durban Twitter Meet, will be a place where those attending can promote their own brands, and share their various platforms with each other. The event is NOT limited to only Twitter users, but social media engagers in general.

We encourage all to share the hashtag #DurbanTwitterMeet2016 and engage with us on social media, leading up to the event.

The Durban Twitter Meet looks forward to hosting another successful event in 2016. Avoid FOMO and come meet the Durbanites of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

See you there! 

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