#CeeSummerLoves17: Durban From The Sky

Aaah! The lyrics ” My dream is too fly, over the rainbow, so high”. A cult hit a few years ago! And one that still gives me all the feels. Goosebumps and happy memories. So basically the perfect song to pop into my head as I sit down to tell you all about another #CeeSummerLoves17 adventure I have had.

Coming to the close of a rather busy year, I received an email invite from our local Tourism Department. It read something along the lines of “Please would you join us for…..” to be honest my eyes skipped straight ahead to the word HELICOPTER and I had clicked on the reply button faster than that shuttle thing Matt Damon flew around Mars in.

I feel the term bucket list is misused and misguided. So I wont say going up on a chopper has been on my bucket list as such. What I will say is that going up in a chopper is on my list of things to do in my lifetime, among other crazy ideas and adventures. Heard of Volcano Boarding? Yeah its a thing I am going to do.

Anyway let’s leave the fires of Mount Doom alone for a moment and get back to talking about my amazing adventure in the air. Now logic and Cee have always been rather adverse to each other in a sense. Here’s one example. I love flying. That’s the statement at least.


Truth be told I love the rush and adrenaline of take off and landing. The sense of adventure and discovery crawling underneath my skin like a raging fire. There is nothing worth more in this world than travelling and exploring in my heart, mind and soul. Yet I really don’t like flying? By that I mean that bit you do in between take off and landing. You know? The safest part? Ha ha ha ha yeah, let’s just say I believe that dropping out of the sky is very much a reality and I rather perish in some movie worthy crash landing scenario. LOGIC. 

So while the traveler in me jumped at this helicopter adventure, the “logic lady” in my head said….”um…about that?”. Fortunately that is as far as she got, as once we arrived at Virginia Airport and I started looking at all the aircraft, any preconceived fear was gone with the wind.


To say I live and was born in the most beautiful province is like saying, I woke up and the sky was blue and the grass was green. Kwa Zulu Natal is a national bloody treasure if you ask me. I don’t know anywhere else where I can stand in the center of the city (Durban) and in either direction you point I can travel 2-3 hours and be in a completely different land. In Winter we can head 15 minutes from the city center down to the beach front, and SWIM or SURF.

Yes, in the middle of Winter these are things you can do. Furthermore if you don’t feel like getting wet, we can take a small drive in the other direction and go play the snow capped mountains of the Drakensberg? Still not your thing? Okay how about 3 hours in the other direction and we will go drive through the game reserves of Zululand? How about Hluhluwe Imfolozi, one of South Africa’s oldest pioneering game reserves?

Coastlines, City Skylines, Mountain Tops and River Spots, we have it all in truth. Our helicopter ride was a 30 minutes tour of the city center and parts of the outskirts. I have never seen the city from the sky in this way and the excitement kept building. So what happens when a group of media,travelers and writers together at an airport? Well countless selfies of course. Ha ha ha ha although to be fair we all had moments to capture and it t*was to be our last time together for the year.

Eventually when it was our turn, we ran ducked down towards the craft, much like CIA agents in actions movies. All we were missing were the black and white suits. Once on board we strapped in, with a professional mannerism that I have no idea where when any of us acquired along the way. Within moments we were listening to our Captain, Mr.Neil Southey and then we were off.

Never has anything felt so natural to me. Yes, I had a small moment where my stomach flipped but it was nothing but pure excitement. In fact as we took off this sudden sadness came over me and I was upset that it was almost over. Yes, the helicopter that had literally just lifted off the ground, I was already sad about touching back down. This is me. I know now that this means in a few years I am going to look at getting my colors and hopefully fly myself.

“Major Tom To Ground Control”

As if the name isn’t self explanatory enough, Cee really loves travelling. I hope everyone get’s that by now. I am truly the kind of person who could get a call at 06h30 telling me that I am flying to another city at 14h00 and I will be ready. Hell I’ll be early!

Anyway up, up and away we went. The route of our tour was taking us up the north of the coastline, then slightly west, then over the central of the city and then out to the harbor and back along the coast line. Pretty perfect if you ask me.

It was interesting to see so many places and buildings that I have grown up around, from a birds eye view. In some instances the pure size of these structures surprised me. In some aspects the designs, bits and bobs you don’t see from ground level amazed me. I have seen my city in a whole new perspective. And boy do I want to go roof climbing like never before. All those “instagram city photos?” Yes! I get it now.


Flying over many of the esplanades was one of my favorite visuals. Infrastructure takes on an entire different meaning when you’re looking from above. Beautiful designs and patterns form that you just cant see from the bottom. Like plaited spaghetti.


And of course the best art? Flying over the amazing coast line. Looking out to sea which I found myself doing several times, just imagining what was over the horizon. Water brings peace to my mind body and soul. I live for the rain, for the moody days. Once I am in the ocean or pool you cant get me out for hours, I’ve been like this since I was a child.

And what a beautiful beach front we have here in Durban, South Africa. So blessed that we can spend all our days on the shore. It’s practically culture here to be at one with the sea. Everyone know’s at LEAST 5 surfers, and skaters, and Sup’ers and so on. There is always something happening or something to be had down at our ocean front.

And I am sure you can see why…

Eventually though, our adventure had to come to an end and we headed back to base. Just in time as well, as the rain started coming down. Not that I would have minded but most likely the safer choice for everyone involved lol. Neil was an absolute gentlemen, helping us disembark and marking sure we enjoyed our ride.

It felt great to be in the hands of a pilot who had over 30 years experience in the business if not more. I would suggest the KZN Aviation team to anyone who is interested in seeing our city from a birds eye view!

Thank you to all those involved in making this a reality and memory for life. Durban Tourism, KZN Tourism, KZN Aviation and everyone behind the scenes. 

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And As Always…



*Header image taken by @alnicoll, all other images by @ceecestravel*

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