#CeeSummerLoves17: Mad Giant Craftbeer

Before we talk about anything. And I mean anything else. Can we please take a second to once again acknowledge that there is something about Cee (not Mary), that is highly attracted to Craft beers with strong and powerful names?

What is it? We have had this conversation before and yet, here we are again. About to talk about one of my new favorite finds. And what’s it called? MAD GIANT of course! Like could it be any more perfect?

Today’s #CeeSummerLoves17 find was first discovered (I should get David Attenborough to narrate this), at Republik in Durban North. Ah Republik, Republik, Republik t’is a many gifts you have given me over the last few years!

We were there doing a review on the newly renovated Republik, one of my favorite places to be in Durban. From the amazing meals to the legendary service an the stunning location with a sea view? Oh and WiFi? Like why is this NOT your office? It was mine for a time being actually.

Anyway while finding our way though THESE delicious meals, Matt suggested that we try the Mad Giant Beer. I hadn’t ever heard of Mad Giant and thus was quite intrigued by the taste bud adventure that was yet to follow.

Also, I just said “Taste Bud Adventure”….who talks like that? Giggle. Anyway I was not left disappointed, in fact I was left with curiosity. I wanted to know, who when why and how! And I wanted to know, now! So I emailed the folks up at Mad Giant! I told them that I absolutely loved their beer and HAD to have more. Not sure if they thought “hmm nice compliment” or ” who even is this”? Either way they sent me some more to try out! And am I glad they did.

So what is on the cards?

Killer Hop: 


The Killer Hop and Amble Ale are my favorite beers from Mad Giant. I know you’re not supposed to have favorites but I do. There is a certain rawness to the two and I appreciate the somewhat “tarter” taste compared to the other two in the range.

I can’t help but do a rather hilarious half hop, half slouch walk to the fridge when I am going to get a Killer Hop. The image of the giant on the front makes me giggle every time. So “gangsta” but so cool? I dunno my mind works in mysterious ways.

Mad Giant, personally describe this beer as the one that won’t take NO for an answer! Booya! So basically “the beer for the entrepreneur”. Thus, the beer for me? Again, don’t fault me, my logic is undeniable.

Maybe its the combined mix of FOUR malts and fruits? I must say all I want to eat when sipping on this deliciousness is a platter of cheese, figs and salmon! I must admit I think high tea would be a little different in my house! 

Electric Light: 

For the sake of ethical practices here, let’s be real for a moment. Cee is not a Weiss fan. In fact only rather recently have I found a craft Weiss from a brand that invited me to their re-launch. I had a great time and actually found a Weiss to like.

That notion fortunately has been changed, I now like TWO Weiss’s. That’s a lot of Weiss for a Cee okay. I think my problem with Weiss on the general is that I don’t like their somewhat acidic bitterness? I know that doesn’t really explain what I am trying to explain but those that find the same, will understand.

I think if you’re not a Weiss lover than this is the Weiss to change your mind. It could be the slightly spicy nature of this variant but I am quite pleased.

The Guzzler: 

I feel like we should all be breaking out into some kind of dance formation. The Giant on the logo stands tall, arms spread eagle style, ready to dance battle anyone who dare try!

Don’t worry about my mental state, just focus on what I am saying about the beer. The Guzzler. I am sure not meant to be taken in the node of “guzzling down” the beer but rather as to quench once’s thirst?

This beer is somewhat sweeter than the rest of the range. If you like your beer but aren’t too much of a fan of the difference in taste between Craft and Mainstream, maybe start with this one and take it from there?

On a seriously HOT Durban day, laying by the pool side (who are we kidding..) IN THE POOL this is probably the best choice. Keep your beer just as chilled as you are!

As they say, this is no one dimensional Pilsner!

True Grit: 

Hello, Amber! 

How you doing?

If this beer was a TV Character it would be Joey from Friends and every time you sipped on it, that is how it would introduce itself to you.

Three cheers to me for being totally biased here, but THIS is my favorite beer in the Mad Giant collection. Yum! Yum! Yum! Hmmm….. That’s all! No really though, it’s delicious.

A true craft I call this. That one thing, that one flavor, that one smell that differs craft from mainstream beer? This is it! All in one bottle. No wonder its called “True Grit”.

When a man can devote nine straight years to building a plane in his garage, you can count on him having a legendary craft named after him. That is how this beer got its name.

She whispered “Sweet biscuit, honey and caramel flavors and with that all the diets and health plans were set on fire and tossed out the window. They could feel it. A revolution had begun”.  -@ceecestravel

That. Ladies and Gents is how the Amber Ale makes me feel.

Also side note, somehow the other day I got highly distracted while building the foundations to my future. And I let my beer get a little warm. Now apparently there is nothing worse on this planet than warm beer.

I’m happy to report that while my Amber Ale was no longer fridge temperature it was still delicious. In fact it had taken on a slightly different body and I could happily drink it served as is. Now its not often you find a craft that does that!


So, has this been a successful #CeeSummerLoves17 find? You can bet your bottom dollar it has, Skippy!

I am super stoked to have found the Mad Giant Team and can’t wait to watch them grow in 2017. And you know..to drink them on hot Summer days!

If you’d like to try these guys out for yourselves, then hit them up on all the below info:


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9 Replies to “#CeeSummerLoves17: Mad Giant Craftbeer”

  1. What you talking about?! Beer should be served at *room temperature*! 🙂 Serve it cold and it loses some of its flavour! (*) :p 🙂 😉

    Okay though, but next time I’m in South Africa, you’re taking me there! (well, I mean, I’m happy to buy you a drink or two in return!). 🙂

    (* this is why lager is best served cold. To hide the fact that it has none!)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow that was odd. I just wrote an extremely long
    comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear.
    Grrrr… well I’m nott writing alll that over again.
    Anyhow, just wanted to say superb blog!


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