Sunday Chills With Carver’s Weiss

I have kept this post in the drafts file for awhile. I needed time to come  to terms with all that went down at the Carvers Weiss, Carvers Table event, a few weeks ago. Oh lord did it go down and did we have fun.

I must high five and bow down to who ever handled the guest list. The personalities and characters that they invited all beautifully complimented each other and egg’ed each other on. Oh gosh, there was no shortage of “fountain dancing” and breast squeezing.

@CeecesTravel(me), Dawn “Rugby” Dunn, Sherwyn Weiachy (The GourmetBushie), Al Nicoll. 

My business partner Al Nicoll and I were invited to the exclusive event and after a great exploration of our local garden nursery, we cleaned up and headed to The Market in Berea, Durban South Africa. The Market by the way, a correctly self described world class, garden restaurant is one of my best discoveries in 2016. The setting is something out of a Nicholas Sparks movie, just with a tad more class and maturity. Sorry the romantic in me, just be fooled Nicholas.

There could not have been a better place for the Carvers team to host their event. And host they did. From arrival I was excited and blown away.

Walking up the grey stoned brick to the welcoming desk, we were greeted by a gentleman, kitted out in Carvers attire, ready and waiting with an ice cold brew in his hand. With a big welcoming smile he explained to us, how to ready, pour and drink the Carvers Weiss Brew. Which also explained why the writing on the back of the bottle is upside down. I can imagine a few brews in and thinking “boy am I that tipsy”? Thanks for the heads up Carvers.

I do like a little attention to detail when it comes to quirky brands, and all brands in some way have to be quirky in today’s times. A good product and a good sense of character take you a lot further than mass produced blandness.

Anyway, off we went to scout out a table. Typically when you throw together a professional photographer and a digital entrepreneur, at least the first 20 minutes of the event is taken up by, photos and social media. When I say we went to scout out a table, I mean we went to go find the best lightning, and table layout. (Lol). Cant.Take.Us.Anywhere.


Seriously though, lets talk about those tables we found, for a moment. Absolute design and layout PERFECTION! As an event manager myself, I looked around and everything inside me jumped up and down. I did a little high five to the organizer in my head, and then went back to enjoying what was going to be an afternoon to remember.

Imagine this…. 

Walking into a graveled area, in the center of the circled off area is a water fountain, which is shaded by the tips of a HUGE tree that stands tall to the side, covering the space like an umbrella. Only letting in dots of sunlight that seem to bounce off the green leaves and yellow tones of the Carvers tables.

The tables are sunny side up egg yellow, appearing to be hand crafted, with a light furnished wood base. Dangled lightly across the arches of each table, are string lights. All lights dangling off once single yellow cord, as each exposed bulb hangs per curiously below.

On the wooden tables, are wooden blocks branded with the Carvers logo, mini Jenga layes scattered around. What wonderful ice breakers. Copper forks lay to the side and Carvers drink toasters paired in two. And the main feature, a large wooden carrier, filled with ice and Carvers Weiss Brew.


And as the sunlight trickled through, and the breeze tickled, the sounds of local Durban Artist Majozi bounces across the air to your table, as he entertained the crowd.

Now tell me, that’s not design excellence? 

I mean. I could have just sat there all day and chilled out. I was quite done I tell you. You needn’t impress me any more. And to think I hadn’t even yet tasted the brew we were all there to experience.

So after trying to balance the bottles on the Carvers Balancing Brick, we popped bottles. And I was wonderfully impressed. As you’ll read in my review before this, I mention there are only TWO Weiss beers I can say I have tasted and actually enjoyed. The Mad Giant team recently introduced me to their lovely creation and Carvers Weiss was my first love.

A word to the wise. Letting, the bunch of us sit together, at any table, ever is asking for trouble. Ha ha ha ha oh lord, did we laugh! We laughed, we joked and we drank our Carvers Weiss. Under strict instruction too, I’ll have you know.

The brilliant host of the evening, well known South African Comedian Dave Levinsohn who kept us all well entertained and on our feet. Encouraging us to socialize with each other, create new connections and meet the brew-master who himself was at the event. You know, the guy who’s name is on the bottle? Yeah, him!

Not before long our “crew” had arrived. Chef Sherwyn also known as The Gourmet Bushie and Chef Lentswe had joined us. Across the pond I spotted another well endowed lady. Our lovely and much loved Dawn Dunn. Dawn and I have been chatting via social media for pretty much a year now, and never met. Boy was this to be the reunion, hitting it off immediately we giggled and laughed ourselves silly. A comparison of boobs was made and a Carver’s was shared.


Oh Carvers, what a day it was! I honestly can say I have not spent an afternoon, especially a beautifully sunny and cool Sunday. Just relaxing and laughing with a group of amazing people.

Yes, we tweeted and snap-chatted (those were hilarious) but we were invited guests and no work was expected. I think for all of us in our various industries at that time of year, it is an incredibly invited honor to attend .

The food was amazing too, platters upon platters were provided and each meal was specifically suited to compliment and work with the Carvers Weiss Brew. 

It was nice to be the “guests” for once in awhile, let our hair down and just have a good time.

Carvers provided an amazing open atmosphere, where everyone could gather and let loose a little. I made amazing business connections at the same time as having a day off. What’s not to love about that?

I do hope to feature the Carvers Weiss Brew in my #CeeSummerLoves17 Edition. So keep your eyes peeled on social media for that.

Carvers, you’re stars. Thank you so much for hosting us, and I can’t wait for the next event with you.

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I love seeing what you are all getting up to. Where you live and what you do in your lives.

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